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We're passionate about one thing... Tanning

Tanning makes you feel great- whether this is naturally or fake!

Here at talkingtan.com we are here to talk about best tanning methods, safe tanning, tanning products, best self tanners and other tan myths and truths. We consider a range of products, techniques, tips so that everyone can find the perfect option unique to them. We provide our thoughts, opinions and honest reviews on these products.

Blogs include many of your unanswered tanning questions, product reviews, queries and tips and techniques to help you get that flawless tan. We also have How To’s showing different scenarios/products and the best methods for the perfect sun or sunless tan. We offer handy tanning tips throughout to help obtain that flawless tan you desire- meaning you will be looking and feeling great.

We are here to provide help/guidance to a variety of shades and skin colours so you can get the best out of your tanning experience. We at talkingtan.com are the site for all your tanning needs.

Our Team


David, Founder
Having naturally pale skin David really loves to add some color to his skin.


Hannah, Co-Founder
Hannah has a passion for beauty and has worked in the industry for over 8 years!


Silvia, Editor
Silvia is passionate about talking care of your skin and also creating a natural glow.


Samantha, Designer
Sammy loves design and graphics and has been a full time designer since she was young.


Rosa, Creative Writer
Having ran her own business in beauty before with her own products, Rosa is the perfect writer for understanding the products in depth.


Danielle, Intern Writer
Danielle is a wizard with words that really makes us appreciate her passion with beauty and tanning.

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