Can I Wash My Face After a Spray Tan?

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If you have just had your spray tan you might be wondering if you can wash your face afterwards.

Typically, soon after a spray tan you should not wash your face. Most spray tans need time to develop and if you wash your face before this development period you can also ruin the spray tan.

Below we will get into this in more detail, so you know exactly what to do.

Washing Face After a Spray Tan – Should You Do It?

When you go for a spray tan there are 2 important elements that the tan may contain. Usually, it has 1 or 2 elements to it. One is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA for short.

DHA is something that once in contact with the skin with cause it to start to tan over a period of time. Depending on the exact kind of spray tan this development usually can take anywhere from 4-12 hours. When the DHA is still developing you want to avoid washing your face.

If you were to wash your face while the development is still happening you can expect it to ruin or cause your tan to become patchy or worse. The secret here is to make sure that the spray tan has developed completely before washing your face.

Usually, you could expect around 4-12 hours depending on if you got a rapid development tan or not. Ask your spray tan technician if you didn’t know how long the development will take.

Ideally you should be waiting for 2 hours after the development time before washing your face or showering to prevent the tan from messing up.

Once the DHA has developed on your skin is it safe to wash your face. Because once the development is completed the tan cannot be washed off easily.

DHA is typically included in most spray tans unless you ask for it not too be though that typically doesn’t happen often.

The second element of a spray tan is the bronzer. Some spray tan salons may not include or offer a bronzer in the mixture though this is all dependent on the salon. If the mixture does include a bronzer you should know that the bronzer will come off in 1 wash.

The bronzer is usually included in the mixture to give you an immediate tanned color. So, you get the immediate color, and the DHA will be developing for the first hours after application as we explained before.

Once the DHA is developed it’s safe to wash your face, though if you want to keep the color from the bronzer then you should avoid washing your face until a later time.

How to Wash Your Face After a Spray Tan

After the tan has developed you are safe to wash your face without worrying that it will ruin your tan.

There are a couple of tips though that we recommend when washing your face. The first one is to make sure not to use any abrasive or exfoliating style face washes. These kinds of face washes are more likely to damage or cause your new tan to become uneven or patchy. Therefore, we recommend to just gently wash your face with some warm water. This way the tan will not become damaged.

If you do want to use face wash after a spray tan it’s just important you go for a natural option than does not have abrasive ingredients. In our research and use the best face wash after a spray tan was this face wash.

Also, we recommend moisturizing after washing your face. This will make your tan look more luscious and radiant and help it last longer too.

Interesting Related Questions

How Long After a Spray Tan Can You Wash Your Face?

Ideally you should be waiting for around 8 hours before washing your face after a spray tan. Some spray tans can develop quicker or slower, so you should first find out the development time needed.

Then washing your face after this time is what we suggest. If you are not sure about the development time then we recommend not washing for at least 12 hours because sometimes DHA can take up to that long to completely develop.

Can You Wash Your Face at Night After a Spray Tan?

It depends what time you had your spray tan and how long the spray tan takes to develop to know if you can wash your face at night. You should allow for at least 8 hours before washing your face after a spray tan.

Unless you have opted for a quick development spray tan which may mean you can wash your face sooner. Otherwise, you should be waiting at least 8 hours before washing your face.

Can I Wash My Face 24 Hours After a Spray Tan?

Yes you can wash your face 24 hours after a spray tan. 24 hours is more than enough time after a spray tan to allow for development. Once the tan is developed washing your face will not remove the tan.

What Should I Put on My Face After a Spray Tan?

Immediately after a spray tan it’s a good idea to not put anything while the tan is developing. After the tan has developed you should put moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and moist. Also, moisturizer helps make your tan look more radiant and vibrant so it’s worth doing 2 times a day. For more on this check our article – Spray Tan Aftercare Tips and Tricks.

Can I Do My Skincare Routine After a Spray Tan?

Yes you can do your skincare routine after a spray tan. Though exfoliating and things like face masks should be avoided as they may cause the tan to become uneven or patchy due to their exfoliating and cleansing nature.

Will My Spray Tan Look Better After I Shower?

Sometimes a spray tan will look better after a shower. Showering after your spray tan has developed will remove any excess tanning lotion than may still be left on the skin and any bronzer if bronzer is included in the mixture will also be removed from the skin.

This can often help make the tan look more smooth and flawless afterwards.

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