Can You Get a Tan After 4pm?

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A common topic for discussion among past years is if it is possible to tan during these later hours of the day and avoid the “peak tanning hours”. People want to know can you tan after 4pm? The optimum result is to tan in the shortest amount of time with sun rays that will be the least damaging to skin.

We will discuss here the answer to this topical question, along with pro’s and con’s for post 4pm tanning. So, can you get a tan after 4pm?

The simple answer is yes you can get a tan after 4pm!

The Basics of Tan Tanning Times

Let me break this down for you, the best hours to tan faster are between 11am and 4pm when the sun will reach it’s highest point in the sky and therefore omit the highest temperature – the peak tanning hours. The sun rays during these tanning hours are the strongest and the most harmful to the skin. It therefore may be easy to tan during these periods however long exposures to these strong rays can lead to skin problems.

After 4pm the sun will begin to set and as such the rays will become weaker after 4pm. This means that the rays will be less harmful to skin (sun cream still required) however these weaker rays after 4pm can still give a tan and therefore you can get a tan after 4pm! The most popular time for those who are beginners or those with fair or light skin, a lighter complexion will be easy to achieve a tan after 4pm.

People may opt to tan during these off peak hours when a suntan is still possible and the UV rays omitted will be weaker compared to the peak hours. Additionally, during the peak hours a sunburn may be more likely, detracting from that golden tan. For more on tanning times check our article – best time to tan outside

Reasons For Post 4pm Tanning

Some common reasons people may choose to tan after 4pm:

  • Sensitive skin – those prone to sensitive skin will find that tanning during these hours will not be as harmful and irritable;
  • Pale skin – those who tend to burn very easily will find that the weaker rays mean this will be safer and is likely to stop skin burning as fast as during peak hours; That is also why often people with pale skin do spray tanning.
  • Older women – older women who may find it hard to sit in the heat for long periods of time would benefit from the cooler weaker rays post 4pm;
  • First time tanners – this will be the best time to suntan for newbies, it will allow the skin to get used to the rays and lower chances of sunburn;
  • Work restrictions – those who work 9-5 jobs may chose this period to tan as they will be free from work commitments and can spend time outdoors to soak up the sun.

You may find it faster to obtain a tan between 11am and 3pm however tanning during these out of peak hours, either before 11am or after 4pm is defiantly the safest way to tan. Of course, a little fake tan never hurt anyone (and contains no harmful rays to the skin!)

In my opinion tanning after 4pm is the best hours to tan! 

Remember to always be safe in the sun and don’t skip SPF regardless of in intensity of the sun rays. Wear a hat/sunglasses to protect your face and eyes (this will also slow down signs of aging by keeping direct sun off your face).

Tips For Time Pre/Post Sun Tan Sessions

Proper preparation and patience is key to obtaining that perfect tan, here are some suntan tips:

  • Ensure to keep your skin moisturized;
  • Exfoliate in the shower. This will remove any dead skin cells and is perfect to do just before a suntan session;
  • Gradual sessions, slowly building up a suntan is the best way to keep skin from burning whilst developing that natural glow;
  • Adjust your body whilst in the sun, this helps with an even tan and gives areas time out of the sun while another area is being tanned;
  • Hydration is key;
  • Tanning lotions are a great option to boost sunbathing sessions- making sure you get the most out of them;
  • After sun for when you feel your skin to be warm/burnt- will help to cool and moistures the area.

Tanning after 4pm? It’s a yes from me!

In conclusion, you can get a tan after 4pm. We as individuals are all unique and this means that our tanning needs/wants will be too. Just because your friend may tan during peak hours does not mean this will be the best option for you or that you will yield the same results.

The peak tanning hours 11am-4pm, may result in sunburn and skin damage for those with fairer/paler skin and as such tanning after 4pm can protect your skin from these stronger rays whilst obtaining that healthy glow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can You Get a Tan After 5pm?

Yes as mentioned in this article it is possible to tan during these off peak hours- it may take longer but results are achievable as with regular tanning.

How Long Should You Wait to Tan?

This varying depending on skin type- usually it takes between 1 to 2 hours for people to wait to tan. As discussed this can take longer after 4pm due to the sun rays being weaker.

How Much Sun a Day Do You Need to Get a Tan?

Again this varies on the skin type, the sun rays and the SPF being used. Sun exposure should be limited as it is damaging to the skin- remember sun burns the skin and tan may take a while to develop. Humans require 20 minutes of sun a day to meet Vitamin D requirements.

What Time of the Day Do You Stop Tanning?

The sun is strongest between 11am and 4pm as previously discussed. This does not mean that tanning is not possible before of after these hours- if there is sun in the sky tanning is still possible.

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