How Often Can I Spray Tan?

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While most people like flaunting a tanned look, not many would want to go the extra mile to sit in the sun for hours and get a natural tan. Instead, getting a spray tan is an easy and effective way to get a dark skin tone and look beautiful quickly

If you are planning to get a spray tan, it is natural to wonder how often can I spray tan? Ideally, you can get a tan 2 to 3 times a month, but it depends on a series of factors that you must take into account. Though if you need to, you can spray tan the following day if needed to help fix or even out a tan.

Keep reading to know more about the ideal time to wait before spray tan and how to maintain it to make it last longer. 

How Often Should You Spray Tan?

Spray tanning has emerged as a popular choice among people who love to flaunt bronze skin. It allows them to get an even and smooth tan without spending hours in the harmful UV rays. Besides that, spray tanning might even help improve the skin.

This has led to people getting hooked to spray tan. It gives rise to an important question about how often should you spray tan. As per tanning experts, a spray tan can last for around 9 to 12 days, which implies that you can go for 2-3 spray tanning sessions in a month.   

You can even extend the time in between the sessions by taking great care of your skin. It might also depend on your skin type and the shade of tan you are going for.

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

Understanding how spray tans work is essential to know how often to spray tan and also how you can prolong it. A spray tan is a sunless tan solution that is spread into your skin like a fine mist to create an even tan.

Spray tan contains an active ingredient called DHA, which is responsible for darkening the skin. DHA interacts with the outer layer of skin consisting of dead cells to develop a dark color on your skin in a few hours. 

The shade of spray tan you choose can play a pivotal role in determining how long it lasts. To achieve a darker tone, tanning professionals use stronger products and sometimes even apply a second layer of mist to achieve the required dark shade. 

It can affect how long the tan stays smooth and apparent on your skin. Here are a few spray tan shades and how long they last:

Light Shade:

Lighter shades of spray tan are made using mild products, and they do not have a long-lasting period. If you opt for a lighter shade, it may only last for only 5 days. You might have to go for a weekly spray tan when you opt for a lighter shade.

Medium Shade:

When it comes to medium shades, they tend to last for around 8 days at times. They require more product and are also stronger than the lighter shade leading to stronger color development. This also means it takes more time to fade away. 

Dark Shade: 

Darker shades tend to last for the longest period, which is 10 to 12 days. With deep and rich color, these are the strongest products that give a smooth tan that doesn’t fade away that easily.  Darker shades tend to have more DHA, and the color stays on the skin for a longer time.  

What Can You Do To Maintain an Even Spray Tan?

While you can book your next spray tan appointment whenever you prefer, it is advisable to wait for 9-12 days for it. Meanwhile, you can take the necessary steps to take care of your skin and maintain the tan. 

Follow these tips to maintain the spray tan for longer:


An essential thing to keep in mind after a spray tan is moisturizing. You must not apply a moisturizer immediately after a tan; wait till you wash it off and then ensure you keep the skin moisturized. 

Moisturizer will ensure the dead skin cells stay nourished and are not lost quickly, fading away the tan. Make sure you find an organic cream or lotion that is free of artificial ingredients and fragrances.  

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Exfoliating before a spray tan appointment will ensure you scrub off the dead skin cells. So, when you get the spray tan, your skin is free of dead cells making sure the tan stays on for longer. 

Don’t exfoliate right after you get a spray tan since you will strip away the tan with the dead cells leading to uneven tan that fades quickly.   

Use a Good Body Wash

Apart from using a good moisturizer, you also need to use a good body wash. It can determine how your tan ages and the duration it will last for. Opt for a natural body wash that can moisturize your skin and is free of oil and artificial scents. 

Make sure you don’t shower for at least 4-6 hours after a tan, and avoid taking hot showers to make the tan last longer. 

Choose Clothes Wisely

You must carry loose-fitted clothes for the tanning appointment that won’t mess with the tan. Darker clothes will ensure you don’t get them stained. Besides that, wear open sandals or flip-flops to get an even tan on your feet. For further advice – what to wear to a spray tan.

Prep Your Skin

Keep moisturizing your skin until the day of the spray tan. Take a short, cold shower before you head to the appointment with a natural body wash to prep your skin.   

Related Questions:

Can I Spray Tan Twice a Week?

Yes, you can go for spray tanning twice a week. In case you feel your tan is uneven or fading away quickly, you can go for another tanning session. 

Can I Spray Tan 2 Days in a Row?

Yes you can get a spray tan 2 days in a row if you need to adjust the tan color and tone or if you need to smooth out a tan more evenly.

Can I Spray Tan Over a Spray Tan?

Yes, you can get a spray tan over a spray tan in case you don’t achieve the right shade of tan. You can go for another tanning appointment, provided you have waited for 24 hours after the first one. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Spray Tan? 

While the minimum age limit varies from place to place, it is wise to wait till you’re 18 to get a spray tan.

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