What are Tingle Tanning Lotions and What Do They Do?

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When it comes to different ways to tan there are a host of options out there. You have regular sun tanning, self-tanning, spray tans and even tanning beds. Another option that helps speed up tanning that is often not talked about are tingle tanning lotions.

Tingle tanning lotions are designed to give your skin a tan just like a self-tanner might and speed up the tanning process. Though they work differently than other lotions on the market. They help increase the blood flow to the surface of your skin which in turn increases melanin in your skin which helps develop you a natural looking tan on your skin.

Here we will get into tingle tanning lotions in more detail and cover some important points that are essential to know before using them.

What Does Tingle Tanning Lotion Do?

As you might already know tingle tanning lotions aim to give you a deeper natural looking tan and speed up the tanning process.

How they work is they basically increase blood to the surface of your skin where it is applied. This increases oxygen levels on your skins surface which also increases melanin.

If you didn’t already know melanin is something in our skin that affects are skins color. This process increases melanin which also will darken your skin where it is applied.

Tingle lotion gets its name as you might have guessed – that it creates a tingling sensation where you apply it on your skin. But this is nothing to be concerned about.

It typically includes ingredients like benzyl nicotinate or methyl nicotinate which as explained before are designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to the surface of the skin which also increase melanin levels in the skin.

Just like a normal tanning lotion tingle tanning lotion should be applied before tanning in the sun or even while using a tanning bed. We recommend keeping your first 1-3 sessions while using tingle tanning lotion on the shorter side. This is to ease into using it to make sure your skin can easily tolerate it.

Who is Tingle Tanning Lotion for?

If you are having trouble tanning naturally in the sun or while using tanning beds tingle tanning lotion might be a good for you to try.

Also, people who want a deeper and darker tan might want to try out tingle tanning lotion to get a rich and deeper looking tan.

It’s worth mentioning if you do have more sensitive skin it’s probably better to avoid this kind of lotion as it may cause irritation to your skin. We also suggest not using this lotion on your face at least initially. Firstly, make sure your body skin can tolerate it before applying it to your more sensitive face.

Tingle Tanning Lotion Side Effects

Generally, tingle tanning lotions are considered safe and are also approved by the FDA. Though there are a couple of side effects worth noting.

The main side effect if you want to call it that is the tingling sensation. For most people it’s usually a mild feeling that some people enjoy. Though for some people the feeling can be too strong.

Therefore, we suggest a small patch test run where you apply the lotion to one small area on your arm and observe if you have any feeling you don’t like before applying a lot to your whole body.

Another effect of these lotions is a reddening effect on the skin for a short time after use. This fades usually soon after tanning.

Related Questions

How Often Should You Use Tingle Tanning Lotion?

We recommend when using tingle tanning lotion to do it periodically. This means no tanning sessions using it the following day. Ideally we suggest waiting at least 2 days before using it again.

What is the Hottest Tingle Tanning Lotion?

The hottest and arguably the best is Ed Hardy’s Obnoxious Tingle Tanning Lotion. We find it hot while also building a deep and luxurious tan.

Are Tingle Sunbed Creams Better?

Tingle sunbed creams tend to be more effective than typical tanning lotions at getting a deeper and more intense tan. Therefore, if you only want a more subtle or mild glow to your skin a regular tanning lotion would be more than enough.

How Long Should I Wait to Shower After Tanning with Tingle lotion?

It’s best to avoid showering immediately after tanning with tingle lotion. Wait for the tingle effect to subside and then look to tan afterwards. Ideally we suggest waiting at least 3-4 hours after tanning before showing and to opt for a cool or lukewarm shower.

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