What is a Hybrid Tanning Bed (red light therapy)

hybrid tanning bed

If you are considering tanning beds you might have come across hybrid tanning beds. But what is a hybrid tanning bed and what does it do?

A hybrid tanning bed offers a mix of red light and UV light. Whereas a traditional tanning bed only has the UV light so the important difference here is the addition of the red light to the combination.

Red light has been shown to help a with a host of things such as skin rejuvenation, muscle growth and repair, reducing inflammation to name a few.

Now lets get into more detail and explain all the important features.

What is a Hybrid Tanning Bed?

As we briefly covered a hybrid tanning bed offers a mixture of hybrid light technology including UV light and red-light therapy. It’s a 2 in one combination.

Firstly, like a traditional tanning bed you have the UV light therapy which helps you develop a natural tan over a handful of sessions.

Just like with suntanning the hybrid tanning bed UV stimulates the production of something called melanin in the body and skin, when melanin levels increase it give the appearance of a tan on the skin. As you might already know this is how almost all tanning beds work to different degrees.

This is where a hybrid tanning bed is different from a normal tanning bed. It includes red light therapy in addition to the UV lights. Red light therapies more technical name is called photobiomodulation. This is the process of using red and infrared which penetrate the skin.

Basically, you are getting 2 light therapies at one time when using a hybrid tanning bed. But what are the benefits of red-light therapy and why should you care?

Red Light Therapy Tanning Benefits

Red-light therapy has been shown to offer a lot of benefits to not only your skin but your whole body.

Some of the benefits include muscle and tissue healing, skin rejuvenation, healing of wounds and reducing inflammation which can be particularly helpful for people with arthritis and fibrosis.

Even more benefits include reducing stretch marks, reducing acne, reducing wrinkles, improving your skin overall and many skin issues can be improved with this therapy.

Thanks to the many benefits to the skin, you can see why the hybrid tanning beds have been created.

As you work on your golden tan you also help improve your skin in the same session. It’s really helps you get the best out of your tan and your skin all at the same time.

It can be seen more as a spa experience than simply a tanning experience when using a hybrid tanning bed.

Does Red Light Therapy Make You Tan?

A somewhat common question that comes up about red light therapy is if it makes you tan? Well red-light therapy on its own will not make you tan, but when mixed with traditional UV light therapy from a tanning bed it can help improve results.

This is because of how it can improve so many things about your skincare and things like reducing inflammation.

Related Questions

What are the Different Types of Tanning Beds?

You have different types of tanning beds. The common ones are the traditional tanning beds that only have UV light therapy. They come in different levels of pressure. The high pressure and low-pressure options and everything in between.  

Higher pressure tanning beds have lower levels of UVB rays which makes them safter and less likely to burn your skin. For more on this check our article – what is a high-pressure tanning bed.

In addition to these kinds of tanning beds, you have hybrid tanning beds which we have covered here. They offer the red-light therapy in addition to the UV light therapy which is great for skincare in addition to a host of other benefits.

What is Hybrid Tanning at Planet Fitness?

Just like normal tanning beds Planet Fitness offers hybrid tanning beds. They offer the benefits like any hybrid tanning bed you would find in other salons.

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