Why Doesn’t My Face Tan – My Personal Advice

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While tanning has become much more time-saving and convenient now, getting an even tan on the face is a daunting task. A majority of people have trouble while getting their face a smooth tan similar to the rest of their body.

Are you wondering why doesn’t my face tan? Well, it can be because of your skin, but there are a few other factors as well that might affect the level of tan you get on your face such as if you are wearing makeup.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why your face doesn’t tan and what you can do to improve it. 

Why Doesn’t Face Tan Like the Rest of the Body?

Getting a smooth and even tan on your face is important but it can be tricky. While you can easily cover up streaks and patches of tan on your ankles or knees, it is not possible to hide an uneven tan on your face.

If you are thinking, why does my face never tan, here are a few reasons for it:

Sensitive Skin:

The skin of your face is different from the rest of your body. It is much more sensitive and might not get a tan similar to the rest of the body. You need to exercise care and caution for your face, whether you are going for a natural tan or artificial method. 

Less Melanin:

A natural tan from the sun usually is due to the presence of melanocytes in your skin. Melanocytes are known for producing melanin which gives your skin a darker color.

Your face skin has relatively less melanin present because of the excess of sebaceous glands located there. It might delay the process of getting a natural tan on your face from the UV radiation of the sun. 

Makeup or Creams:

A lot of people often have the question – why doesn’t my face tan, and the answer could be makeup.

If you go tanning with makeup on your face, you might not get an even tan. While makeup doesn’t work as a complete barrier, it can restrict the UV radiation that reaches your skin. It can often result in uneven skin tan, or you might not even get tanned at all.

While sunscreen is a must, opt for light tinted sunscreen before tanning. Any other makeup like foundation, concealer, blush, or even an eyeshadow might give you an uneven tan.      

Different Time Duration:

Since the skin of your face is different from the rest of your body, the time required to tan will also differ. Your face might need more time than usual to get the same level of tan. 

How to Get a Better Face Tan?

If you’re unable to get a smooth tan on your face, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to ensure better results. Follow these steps to achieve a better face tan:

Prep Your Skin:

Before you go for a tanning appointment or sunbathing, it is essential to prepare your face skin. Make sure you exfoliate well to remove all the dead skin cells and give you an even skin texture, which helps get a smooth tan. Moisturize your face regularly till the day of your appointment to ensure your skin is hydrated.     

Avoid Makeup:

While tanning, makeup can act as a layer of blockage. Tanning with makeup can restrict the spray solution and the UV radiation from reaching your skin, which can hamper the tanning process.

It’s best to go bare skin when tanning this way no product can prevent the skin from taking on the UV rays.

Choose the Right Self-Tanner:

If you are opting for artificial methods of tanning, it is essential to pick the right formula of self-tanner. For the ones with sensitive skin that are prone to breakouts, opt for tanners made for the face. Check the ingredients carefully and go for a shade lighter than you intend to get.

Keep in mind your face skin tone doesn’t need to completely match the rest of your body, and it might look unnatural if it does. 

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Practice After Care:

If you are someone who often thinks my face won’t tan, you might be skipping on the essential aftercare of your skin. Aftercare of a tan is as important as the tanning process.

Keep your skin moisturized after getting a tan to maintain the color and shower using a natural body wash. Avoid using extremely hot water to shower as it can hamper the tan.   

Related Questions:

How Can I Get My Face to Tan?

There are numerous ways to get your face tanned. You can get a natural tan by lounging in the sun or even use artificial methods like self-tanners and spray tan.

Prep your skin well by exfoliating and moisturizing to get a smooth tan on your face. 

How Can I Make My Face Look Tanned Naturally?

You can use a self-tanner for your face to achieve a naturally tanned look. Opt for a product made specifically for your face that can help you get the desired skin tone.  Ensure you carefully check the ingredients of the self-tanner, making it ideal for the delicate skin of your face. 

What Is the Best Self Tanner for Your Face?

The markets are brimming with all kinds of self-tanners for face, making it difficult to choose the right one. Any tanner with natural ingredients that is gentle on your skin is ideal for your face.

Golden Star Beauty self-tan serum is among the top self-tanners for the face that can help you achieve a glowing look.  

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