Best Tanning Goggles for Indoor Tanning (tanning beds)

tanning goggles

As every frequent tanner should know, one of the best ways to get the perfect tan is from a tanning bed but when doing so it’s important to use eye protection.

The light produced by tanning beds is harmful to the eyes, even with your eyelids closed, so it is important to seek out a pair that fits your needs and preferences.

We have a selection of 6 of the best tanning goggles this year so that you can find the right one for you.

 #1 Super Sunnies

Super Sunnies

The Super Sunnies Evo Tanning Bed Goggles are our favorite indoor tanning eye protection on the market right now. They block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, come in the color black and are made with a stiff plastic that is still flexible enough to be comfortable.

They are made as a single piece, so there’s no chance of the nose bridge or any pieces coming apart.

The nose bridge is flexible and high rising so that it can fit any facial structure out there. This model features an elastic headband that ensures for an adjustable fit no matter the size of your head, and the slim eye cups eliminate any possibility of the “racoon-eye” effect. Due to this though, they may not work as well for anyone with eyes on the larger side.

These tanning bed glasses protect your eyes from standard UV tanning but there is a slight chance of a defect with the lenses. Some can be finicky and can pop out or easily get scratched. Hence, it is advised to handle them with care, considering the extremely affordable price.

  • Very affordable
  • High-rise nose bridge
  • Elastic headband
  • Slim eye cups
  • Not ideal for large eye shapes

#2 USUIE Glasses

USUIE Glasses

The USUIE glasses block light, are made of durable polycarbonate, and are ultra-light so there is no need to worry about the weight on your nose bridge. This means they can be used for both tanning beds and light therapy.

They are basically blackout glasses so, you can’t really see anything with them on, so you’d need to be laying down when using them.

Test results show that these glasses can block light of wavelengths 380~1500nm, thus improving visual clarity and reducing eye fatigue.

The polished and smooth edges on the frame make them comfortable to wear, and the side grille provides ventilation and thus prevents annoying fog from forming.

The noticeable cost can be justified by the fact that these ones do come with a glasses case and cloth to keep them clean, which is really nice as it makes them easier to take anywhere with you and to keep them in good condition for ages as well.

Moreover, if they do get damaged, just in case, they are actually returnable for replacement which serves as a reflection of their durability.

  • Durable
  • Side grilles
  • Comfortable & stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Can only be used laying down because they are blackout

#3 Angrycat Sun Tanning Goggles

Angrycat Sun Tanning Goggles

Our third best tanning bed goggles are these by Angrycat. They are very affordable and come in a pack of two and are ideal for either sun tanning or a tanning bed.

It is only a bit difficult to see but still entirely possible, everything looks dark green and so they can also be used for light therapy and are rated at wavelengths 200-2000nm

The strap is adjustable and very thin so that it can fit any size of head and do not cause any tan lines.

Moreover, they are lightweight and come in a plastic box that can be used as a case, making them easy to carry around with you anywhere and keep them in good condition for a long time.

  • It is possible to see with them on
  • In a pack of 2 and case included
  • Thin & adjustable strap
  • Very affordable
  • n/a

#4 JILERWEAR Tanning Eyewear

JILERWEAR Tanning Eyewear

The JILERWEAR protective glasses can resist the invasion of 200-540nm lasers including UV, purple, green, and blue – all except for red.

They have a polycarbonate lens that provides 360-degree protection with a curved frame, resulting in minimized eye fatigue and headaches whilst improving sleep in the long run.

Polycarbonate is always a great option because this material gives excellent durability that has the ability to last for years.

Moreover, they meet all the critical standards that eyewear protection needs to, including EN207, A1EN207, and A1. Hence, they are not only suitable for tanning beds but also for freckle and hair removal laser devices, workshop duties, etc.

The frame is designed in such a way that prescription glasses can be worn underneath but they only come in one size, so it is important to check the measurements before purchasing.

In addition, they come with a nice, proper glasses case so that it’s easy to carry them around with you without them getting damaged.

  • Great option for prescription glasses users
  • Can be used for both tanning and lasers
  • 360-degree protection
  • Ergonomic glasses case included
  • Meet EN207, A1EN207, and A1 standards for laser eyewear
  • Only come in one size

#5 Flex Pods Tanning Bed Glasses

Flex Pods Tanning Bed Glasses

The Flex Pods tanning bed glasses come in a variety of bright, neon colors including orange, green, pink, blue, and purple, which is a nice change.

Blocking 99% of UV rays while still allowing vision makes them an ideal choice to use for tanning beds.

They are made of soft flexible material which gives a soft cushioned feeling around the eye, providing a relaxed fit. An elastic string is included, although it is possible to use them without the string when lying down if preferred.

  • Soft and flexible
  • Allows vision
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Elastic string
  • n/a

#6 Sperti Tanning Booth Glasses

Sperti Tanning Booth Glasses

This tanning eyewear from Sperti has a sleek and minimal profile, with green lenses that have a UV protection coating and are rated at 200nm-400nm wavelengths. The nosepiece and the rubber strap are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Due to the strap being made out of rubber, there is a chance of snapping and so it’s important to be careful and not stretch them too much.

It can also be slightly uncomfortable for someone with long hair, and they aren’t ideal for long sessions – some cushioning on the rims would help with that.

  • Simple and sleek
  • Completely adjustable
  • Rubber strap
  • Not very comfortable around the eyes

Related Questions

What are the Best Tanning Bed Goggles?

The Super Sunnies are a great option if you’re looking for something affordable and simple – which is ideal when it comes to tanning bed goggles.

Do Tanning Goggles Really Work?

Yes, tanning bed goggles work and are required because you are putting your eyesight at risk when tanning without them.

Do Tanning Goggles Protect Your Eyes?

Closing your eyes when in a tanning bed is not enough to protect your vision. Cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, sunburn, and blurry vision can all occur due to failure to wear protective goggles in tanning beds.

What Can I Use Instead of Tanning Goggles?

Tanning eye stickers or ski goggles are the only other sufficient alternatives to tanning goggles. Both 100% block UV rays, although ski goggles are bulky and could cause an unpleasant blend, so the stickers are the most appealing choice out of the two.

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