5 Best Tanning Mitts for 2023 (Self Tanning)

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If you are serious about self-tanning you will know the importance of a good quality tanning mitt. No one want a streaky tan or tan all over their hands and nails.

So, after testing a selection of tanning mitts we have rounded up our favorite mitts to highlight the best tanning mitt right not, along with a special mention of our very own Blackout Tanning Mitt. Read on below for all the details.

#1 St. Tropez Velvet Mitt

St. Tropez Velvet Mitt

This is the best tanning mitt from St. Tropez which is a double-sided velvet material. This makes the mitt feel incredibly soft and great quality when you get your hands on it.

When it comes to application this mitt it really is great. It’s one of the smoothest tanning mitts we have used.

No mousse leaks through either side when using it unlike some other tanning mitts on the market.

When compared with other mitts on the market it’s one of the best for quality and we’d expect it too easily last over 6 months with regular use.

  • Super soft material
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • We’d like to see elastic base option

#2 GAIYAH Tanning Mitt

GAIYAH Tanning Mitt

When it comes to tanning this self-tanner mitt is simple and effective. It works well with tanning mouse, tanning lotion, serum etc. The couple of standouts with this mitt is the thumb design which makes application easier in tougher to reach areas which sometimes is more difficult on thumbless tanning mitt designs.

The second thing we like with this mitt is the soft material which makes application a breeze and a smooth streak less application easy.

Cleaning this mitt is also simple and recommended to make it last as long as possible. Wash it with a small amount of detergent and leave it to dry each time you use it.

  • Soft material
  • Streak less application
  • Flexible application due to separate thumb design
  • n/a

Special Mention – Blackout Tanning Mitt

Blackout Tanning Mitt

Here we want to talk about our very own blackout tanning mitt. We opted to not include it in our top 5 but we want to include it as a special mention instead.

We created and designed this mitt with our experience and tanners’ feedback in mind.

A few things that were very important for us where a soft material that makes application as smooth as possible. That’s partly why we opted for a velvet material.

We went for a separate thumb design that makes application in tighter areas simpler. The mitt is also double sided which increases longevity.

An important element for the design we opted for is an elastic base on the mitt. We went for this as with some other mitts you sometimes get a buildup of fake tan at the bottom which sometimes leads to spillage going onto the arm. Our elastic base this stops this from happening.

#3 STEUGO 2 in 2 Tanning Mitt Set

STEUGO 2 in 2 Tanning Mitt Set

The thing that immediately sets this choice apart from the others is because it’s a 2 in 1 set. Like the others it comes with a normal hand mitt but also there is a back applicator.

This is particularly important if you are someone who likes to tan your back area and don’t have someone to help you. Tanning your back can be difficult to do without a mitt such as this one.

Importantly this whole set application is great – its always streak free and you won’t have any concern with any streaks or patchy tans.

Another thing that stands out with this set is the overall softness of the mitt. They not only are incredibly soft but also high quality; it makes application simple and a pleasure due to the soft material.

  • Easy back application
  • Streak free
  • Super soft material
  • Long term durability not as good as others

#4 Tanologist Tanning Mitt

Tanologist Tanning Mitt

The first thing you might notice with this fake tan mitt is its packaging. It has a multicolored packaging that really makes it stand out and this would also make it great choice as a gift.

Application with this tanning mitt is smooth and seamless. While the mitt itself does the job quite well it doesn’t have the thumb design or the elastic wrist design which often helps with preventing tan spilling onto the arm during application.

The quality of the mitt is quite good though when compared with our other favorites we have to mention this does feel a little bit lower quality. Though you should keep in mind this still is a great choice especially considering the affordable price and great packaging.

  • Smooth application
  • Very affordable
  • Great packaging
  • Little lower quality when compared with other options

#5 b.tan Tanning Mitt

b.tan Tanning Mitt

The b.tan tanning mitt has a unique packaging that makes it stand out from the competition and makes for a nice gift.

When it comes to the mitt itself, application here is super smooth and always streak less.

The mitt can be easily washed, and this helps keep the mitt last long without having to replace it.

While in our testing we haven’t had the problem we should mention a small portion of people have noticed the tan getting through onto their hands. This doesn’t seem to be a common problem, but it has happened on occasion for some tanners.

  • Smooth application
  • Affordable
  • Unique packaging
  • Leakage onto hands for some tanners

Related Questions

What Kind of Mitt Do You Use for Self-Tanner?

The best kinds of mitts are often made with a velvet material. This not only makes them super soft, but it also makes application super smooth and streak free.

Are You Supposed to Wash Your Tanning Mitt?

While not all tanning mitts are washable it’s usually the case that they are washable. Therefore, you should ideally wash your tanning mitts after each time you use them. Ideally hand wash it with a little detergent and leave it to air dry. This will increase the longevity of your tanning mitts.

How Often Should You Replace Your Tanning Mitt?

Typically, a tanning mitt should be replaced every 3 months. Though it’s important to note that some tanning mitts can last over 6 months’ time even with regular use. The secret here is to wash your tanning mitts regularly, this should increase the longevity of them.

What Side of The Tanning Mitt Do You Use?

While some tanning mitts are double sided others are not. If you are not sure which side to use look for the long-haired side of the mitt. This side is where you should be applying your mouse, serum etc.

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