Can You Sleep in Self Tanner?

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If you want to apply self-tanner soon before bed you might be wondering if it’s a good idea or not and if you can sleep in self tanner?

Yes you can sleep in self tanner though there are a few things you should know beforehand. For example, allowing time for the self-tanner to dry before getting into bed is a highly recommended.

Below we will get into all the details, so you know what to do next time you self-tan before sleeping.

Sleeping in Self Tanner

As we briefly mentioned before that yes it’s okay to sleep with self-tanner on, though there a few things you should know beforehand which we will cover now.

Shower Before

Our first piece of advice is to take a shower before applying the self-tanner. Taking a shower of course cleanses the skin and helps remove the surface level of dead skin cells.

But the main benefit of showering is that your skin will become more dry. This helps because when your skin is more dry the self-tanner will develop more quickly, and the application of the self-tanner will be much easier and smooth than if your skin was more moist.

This is ideal especially before sleeping because the self-tanner will dry even more quickly and properly absorb into the skin, so it’s much less likely to be altered or affected once you do go to sleep.

What we recommend is once you have finished your shower – dry off with a towel, then if you have time allow an extra 10 minutes to air dry.

Once that’s done you can apply the self-tanner. For more advice on application check our article – How to Self-Tan at Home as Explained by Experts.

Use a Mousse Self Tanner

Out of all self-tanners we suggest using an express mouse before sleeping.

The main reason we recommend this is because it dries quickly and develops more quickly. This lessens the chance of the tan becoming altered because it takes less time to develop than other self-tanners such as lotions and oils.

We Recommend: St Tropez Express Self Tan Mousse

Allow Time to Dry

Once you have applied any self-tanner to your skin it’s a good idea to allow some time for it to dry before going to sleep. Ideally we recommend allowing at least 1 hour before getting into bed to sleep. This allows time for the tan to completely dry off and the initial development of the DHA to start.

The secret here is to not apply the self-tanner and then go to sleep immediately after. If you do put self-tanner on and are in bed within 15 minutes there is a higher chance of the tan becoming patchy or worse. So, it’s important to allow for that extra bit of time before going to sleep.

Wear Loose Clothes

If you are wondering what to wear to bed after self-tanning we have you covered.

Once you have applied self-tanner you should allow at least 15 minutes for the initial drying. After you should get dressed – opt for some loose clothing or pajamas.

Of course, if you were to wear tighter fitting clothes this increases the chances of the tan altering. Also, we suggest wearing older clothes as they might become stained from the tanning solution.  

Lay on Your Back

When it is time for sleep we recommend that you sleep on your back. The reason the back is best is because you are less likely to have skin to skin contact which can mess up the self-tanning process.

When you lay on your side skin on skin contact with your legs and arms is much more likely which could mess up your tan’s development. Also, we feel the front of your body and face are the most important areas for your tan so when you lay on your back this is less fiction and contact on those areas with the bed which could alter your tan.

Opt for Lightweight Blankets/Comforter

When going to sleep try to use blankets or a comforter that are lighter (in weight). If you use heavier blankets you are more likely to sweat, and this too could make your tan become streaky.

Therefore, keeping it a little lighter than usual would be better. You should keep warm but want you’ll want to avoid sweating importantly.

Protect Your Bed from Stains

Sometimes people ask does self-tanner rub off on sheets? Well yes it can and often does.

So, it’s important to protect your bed from stains. Firstly, where you are sleeping place a big black or dark towel. Then put a darker colored lightweight sheet on top of you before you put any comforter or blankets etc. This lowers the chance of the bed sheets and blankets getting stained from the fake tan.

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