Can You Tan with a New Tattoo?

girl with tattoo tanning

So can you tan with a new tattoo, well technically yes, however, tanning immediately after getting a tattoo is not recommended. This is because the skin is more sensitive which makes it more likely to burn and for the tattoo to become damaged.

Therefore, it’s best to wait at least a couple of weeks to allow the tattoo and the skin around it to heal before considering going out in the sun or using tanning beds.

If you just got a tattoo and booked a tanning appointment or a ticket to the Bahamas, keep reading. This three-minute read will answer all your questions tanning with new tattoos and what you must know! 

What to Do for New Tattoos

If you just got inked, it would be best to postpone any tanning in the sun or tanning bed usage.

If you have no choice but to be outside in the sun, it’s a good idea to keep the tattoo covered with either some clothing or even use an umbrella if the skin is harder to cover. Of course, it’s important to stay in the shade and be extra careful of direct sunlight.

It’s important to note that any sunblock should not be used on a fresh tattoo. Let it heal for at least 2 weeks before using sunblock ideally.

How to Know When to Tan & If the Tattoo is Healed

If the tattoos are healed, you have got fewer things to worry about. Typically, 2 weeks after the tattoo the skin should be mostly healed and going for a tan can then be possible. Though it’s a good idea to wait a bit a longer if you plan on sitting in the sun for a longer time. Ideally waiting 2-3 months before doing any serious tanning is a recommended.

The longest time it can take for a tattoo to heal can be up to 6 months. If you aren’t sure, you can ask your tattoo artist and if the skin still feels sensitive or has some irritation it’s best to avoid tanning for the time being.

What to Do If the Tattoo is Healed

It’s a good idea to cover the tattoo in SPF 30 if it is exposed to the sun or cover it with some clothes. Keeps in mind thin clothes may not fully protect the tattoo and the skin surrounding it.

It’s also worth mentioning dark colors attract sunlight so choosing lighter colors for your clothes is a good idea if you want to be on the safe side of things.

Also, tattoos tend to fade in color if exposed to sunlight for a long time. The crux of the matter is your tattoos will have a longer life if kept away from sunlight or minimizing time exposed to the sun.

How to Tan Safely – An Important Note

While tanning with tattoos, you have got to be careful every time you get a new tattoo. It is critical that you let your tattoos heal at a natural pace.

Most tattoo artists recommend on giving 2-3 months for your skin to heal completely after getting a tattoo.      

If you want to know what to put on tattoos when tanning it’s a good idea to use a SPF cream. Keeping your skin protected and applied with SPF is very important during this healing phase.

Moisturizing during this healing period is also a good idea – moisturizing will keep the skin from becoming dry and cracking which can cause potential damage to a fresh tattoo. It is good idea to moisturize as often you can or at least once a day. 

Make sure to follow any recommendations from your tattoo artist. For example, an ointment may be recommended typically to apply for the first day or 2 after getting a new tattoo.

The ointments are antiseptic and will keep you free from any skin infections and generally ease any irritation. On top of that, the ointments make sure your skin is hydrated and healthy.   

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Are Tanning Beds Safe with a New Tattoo?

Using a tanning bed with a new tattoo is not safe either. Tanning beds and exposure to direct sunlight have similar effects on your skin.

This means anyone wanting to use a tanning bed with a new tattoo should postpone their appointment until it has completely healed.

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