How Much Are Tanning Beds? Should You Buy a Tanning Bed?

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Tanning beds are now becoming increasingly popular among people who like to achieve a natural tanned look. Every person who uses tanning beds regularly to get a smooth and even tan has considered buying it for themselves. However, the thought of the cost deters most of them.

Are you planning to invest in it and wonder how much are tanning beds worth? A tanning bed can cost from $2500 to $6500, but the cost can depend on a series of factors.

Continue reading and find everything you need to know about the cost of tanning beds and whether it makes sense to buy one for yourself or not.  

What Are the Different Types of Tanning Beds?

Before we delve into the exact price and costs of a tanning bed it’s important to firstly know the different types of tanning beds.

Primarily, there are two major categories of people who opt for tanning beds – commercial and residential users. The tanning beds can also fall into two categories on similar lines. It is essential to analyze your needs and requirements before you choose whether you require a commercial tanning bed or a residential one.

For commercial users, factors like durability and life are the primary deciding factors since the tanning bed will be used multiple times in the salons. They need to have tanning beds with low maintenance costs yet offer high-quality tan. The tanning bed price plays an important factor in how much it costs to go tanning particularly for home use.

In case of low or medium use of the tanning bed more typically for home use, one need not purchase a high-end machine. You can even get a basic tanning bed after carefully considering the costs and your usage.

Which Factors Determine the Price of Tanning Beds?

The prices of tanning beds can vary greatly, and there is a significant difference between the basic and the high-end ones. There are numerous factors that can determine how much a tanning bed costs, and they are:


The basic purpose of the tanning bed is a contributing factor to the cost. In the case of a commercial tanning bed that requires high durability and efficiency, the cost tends to be more. On the other hand, a tanning bed for residential use can cost less. 


There are three types of tanning beds – base beds, stand up beds, and high-pressure beds. They vary depending on the method of tanning and the technology used in them. The tanning bed price can also increase significantly as per these factors.

High-pressure tanning beds come with specialized technology and equipment, which makes them more expensive. They are more suited for upscale tanning salons. Regular tanning beds suit the needs better for regular home use.

When it comes to stand-up booths for tanning, they are ideal for people with back issues or who are claustrophobic.   

Number of Bulbs:

The more bulbs inside a tanning bed, the higher will be the cost. People who are taller will require more bulbs to get evenly tanned, and it might be more expensive. 

Types of Bulbs:

You can find two types of bulbs in tanning beds. UVA bulbs can give a tan faster, but they also come with a higher risk of sunburns. UVB bulbs, on the other hand, can reduce the chances of skin burning, but they will take more to build the tan. 


Much like everything else, the cost of the tanning bed will go up with better quality. While cheaper tanning machines will give cumulative skin damage leading to premature aging of the skin, better quality tanning will be costlier. 

Red Light:

According to Healthline, red light is a relatively safer variant of tanning beds opted majorly by people who are conscious about their health. This machine aims to achieve smooth skin rather than a tanned look. It comes with specific parts that make it higher priced.  

State of Delivery:

In case the product reaches pre-assembled, ready for use, it will cost slightly more than a tanning bed that you need to assemble yourself. 

Brand and Warranty: 

The brand that is making the tanning bed can significantly affect the price. If it is from a renowned company that also offers a warranty, the cost will likely be on the higher end. 

How Much Does a Tanning Bed Cost?

The markets today are brimming with all kinds of tanning beds. It makes one wonder how much does a tanning bed cost? Well, on average, a basic tanning bed costs $2500, but it will vary on the basis of the type and equipment used.

In the case of a commercial tanning bed, the price ranges from $2500 to $6500. The cost can change with efficiency, tanning time, and even electricity needs.

When it comes to a residential tanning bed, the range starts from $1500 and can go up to $3700. You can get an average tanning bed for use at home at around $2000.

Should You Invest in a Tanning Bed?

If you’re someone who’s considering buying a tanning bed, it is wise to consider it carefully before making the decision. You must consider both scenarios of visiting a tanning salon to get tanned or investing in a tanning bed for yourself. Depending on what offers more convenience and affordability, you can decide whether to buy a tanning bed or not.

Let’s take an example to consider both situations and the cost of tanning to help you decide.

If you go for regular tanning, you will go for it at least four times a week, and the total duration of the tanning habit will be ten years, as an estimate. Now takes consider your total expenditure in both the scenarios:

Tanning at Home:

In case you wish to get a tanning bed, you will have to buy a residential tanning bed with 16 bulbs on average costing $2000. A tanning session ideally lasts for 20 minutes, implying that you can get 40 sessions from the same set of bulbs.

A single tanning lamp has around 800 hours of life, and you will have to change them when they run out, which will cost $250. If you need to tan 4 times a week, you will require 320 minutes of tanning bulbs per month (4 times x 4 weeks x 20 minutes).

According to this estimation, you can use a set of tanning bulbs for around 1.25 years (800 hours x 60 minutes/ 320 minutes = 15 months). Therefore, the cost of tanning beds lamps during the ten years will be = $250 x 10/ 1.25 = $2000.

Residential beds don’t use too much electricity because they range from 120 to 220 volts. As per the average electricity charges and four sessions per week with 20 minutes each, it will cost you $4 each month. The total electricity cost during ten years would be $480 ($4 x 12 x 10)

If you’re using a residential tanning bed, the estimated cost of the same will be:

Average Cost of Bed$2000
Cost of Electricity$480
Cost of Tanning Lamps or Bulbs$2000
Total Cost of the Bed$4480
Average Cost Per Month$37.33 ($4480/10 x 12)

A high-grade tanning bed for residential use can easily last for around 12 years. It can help reduce your average cost per month even further. You can even opt for a used tanning bed to help reduce your initial investment.   

Tanning in Salon:

Are you wondering how much is a tanning bed session? When it comes to a standard tanning salon, a basic tan session can cost you around $10, whereas a deep tan will be priced at $16.

If you’re opting for a high-pressure tanning bed, the prices will be around $26 for a single session. However, these prices can be different if you have a long term membership or package.

While deciding the cost of tanning, most people fail to factor in the cost of driving to the gas station, which adds up to the total cost. The fuel may cost around $45 in a month, assuming you live around 12 miles from a salon and have four sessions in a week. Your monthly cost of tanning will be $195 on average.     

It is indicated in the table below:

Cost of Tanning Salon$50
Cost of Fuel$45
Total Cost$95

Now that you have considered both options, you can ascertain which option suits you more and proves to be economical as well. 

Related Questions:

How Much Can Your Electric Bill Go Up With a Tanning Bed?

The electricity used by a tanning bed is similar to that of most kitchen appliances. A typical tanning bed sometimes even uses less electricity than the hairdryer you use. Even if you use a 220 volts tanning bed, their electricity usage is only a little more.

It amounts to only 5-10 cents for each tanning session. Using a tanning bed at home will only add a few dollars to your monthly electric bills.   

Is It Worth It to Buy a Tanning Bed?

If you are wondering whether it is wise to invest in a tanning bed or not, it is imperative to understand your requirements and monthly tanning salons cost. In case you visit a tanning salon regularly to get a smooth and evenly tanned look, you might benefit in the long run by buying a tanning bed.  

Owning a home tan bed can cost much less than visiting a salon in the long run. So, it is worth investing in one if you are a regular user.

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