How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost?

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Owing to the convenience and efficiency that spray tan offers, it is emerging as a popular choice among tanning enthusiasts. Although it is a little more expensive than self-tanning products, it ensures you have a smooth tanned look.

For the people who are new to spray tan, the first thought is how much does a spray tan cost? The average cost of spray tan is around $40. However, the price can depend on plenty of factors.

If you are planning to get a spray tan and wonder about the cost of the procedure, keep reading to find more about it. 

What Is the Cost of Spray Tanning?

Whenever you think of getting a spray tan, it is natural to wonder about the cost of the whole process. The cost of the process can vary greatly from salon to salon. However, prices of spray tanning procedures begin at as low as $18 and can go up to even $100 for each session.

A majority of people think that spray tanning is only a handheld spray brush used in a studio. Although there are various types of spray tanning and the cost of each procedure can be different.

To understand the cost of spray tanning, it is essential to understand the types available today. Here are a few common types of spray tan: 

Cost Of Spray Tanning Machine:

If you’re going for the procedure, you must be wondering how much does it cost for a spray tan. Well, each spray tan session can cost you $25-$35. The price depends significantly on the quality of the machine being used by the salon.

A more expensive machine will ensure you get a deeper, more even tan as it extracts tanner out of the air to prevent it all from falling on your legs or feet. It will cost you more than an average or substandard machine.   

Cost Of Airbrush:

Airbrush is among the most popular choices of tanning enthusiasts. It tends to give high coverage and a professional tan. If you’re wondering how much is airbrush tanning going to cost, you will have to pay anywhere from $30 to $80 for it. The cost depends on plenty of factors like the area you live in, the skills of the tanning specialist, and areas you wish to focus on.

With airbrush tanning, you can target specific body parts as well. So, if you’re going only for a touch-up to a certain area, it will cost you less than a full-body tan.  For more on the comparison between airbrush tanning and spray tanning check our article – airbrush tan vs spray tan.

Cost Of Mobile Tanning:

If you have an upcoming event or occasion, mobile tanning can prove to be a great alternative. Given the increasing popularity, more and more mobile salons are also offering this service.

It is a more personalized process than airbrush tan since you can get it right from the comfort of your space. Because of that, a mobile tan typically costs around $60, but it can go up to $150 due to the cost of a tanning tent.

You don’t have to worry about rushing back to the car or staining your clothes if you’re willing to spend a little more. 

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Which Factors Decide the Cost of Spray Tan?

Much like a majority of grooming and wellness services, the cost of spray tanning is not fixed. It tends to vary from salon to salon. You can search for “spray tan prices near me to learn more about the cost of the tanning process.

There are plenty of factors that can determine the cost of the procedure, some of them being:

Type of Spray Tan Salon

Quality of Salon

Technician Experience and Skill

Kind of Spray Tan

Quality of Spray Machine/Gun

Brand of Spray Tan

Shade of Tan 

How Much Spray Tan Alternatives Cost?

Getting a spray tan is a great option if you want a smooth, professional, and realistic tanned look. However, there are a few other alternatives available today. The cost of these alternatives are:

Tanning Beds:

The most common choice after spray tan is tanning beds. You only have to spend around $15 for each tanning session in the tanning bed.

It exposes you to UV radiation which may hamper your skin and lead to severe damage. Tanning beds pose the threat of sunburns, photoaging, and even corneal damage. 


Self-tanner includes gels, creams, and lotions that you can easily apply at home to get a tan. They contain bronzer and DHA, which interact with the top layer of dead skin cells to create pigment. It gives you a short-lived but natural tan look.

There is a wide range of self-tanner products available today. Owing to it, the cost of these products is also varying. You can get a basic self-tanner for $6, while the high-end tanning mousse might cost you $100. On average, it will cost you around $10.

Since using a self-tanner is an inexpensive and convenient method, a majority of people prefer it over other alternatives. 

Related Questions:

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last For?

Ideally, tanning salons advertise a spray tan to last for a period of 10 days. Although the period can easily depend on your skin type and how dark you are planning to go.

While lighter shades last for only around five days, medium tan shade may stay for at least seven to eight days.

It’s also important to mention showering, the more often you shower after a spray tan the quicker the tan will come off. If possible it’s a good idea to shower less often if you want to extend your tan as long as possible. For example if you typically shower once per day you can instead shower every other day to help extend the tan longer if required.

Are Spray Tans Worth the Money?

When compared to other methods of tanning, spray tans can prove to be an expensive alternative. While they might cost you more, the benefits can make it worth the cost.

They do not involve any skin damage or UV radiation, which ensures your skin stays young and healthy. Besides that, spray tan gives you a smooth and even look which might not be possible through other methods.    

What to Wear to Get a Spray Tan?

If you are planning to get a spray tan, it is essential to choose the right clothing to ensure you get better results. You must wear loose clothes that do not stick to your body like skirts, dresses, or jumpsuits. Make sure the clothes are dark in color to avoid getting your light shade clothes stained.

When it comes to footwear, go for open sandals or flip-flops. Avoid wearing jewelry to the spray tan appointment. For more on this check our article – what to wear to a spray tan.

Do They Spray Tan Your Face?

Yes, the spray tan also covers your face. When you get tanned, the expert will spray a tanning formula through a spray gun to your face. You must take a deep breath and keep your eyes completely closed until they spray tan your face. This is why when you go tanning you shouldn’t wear makeup as this can make the tan patchy and uneven, for more on this – can you tan with makeup on.

Can I Shave Before a Spray Tan?

If you want to shave before a spray tan, it must be done 24 hours before the appointment. It will give your skin enough time to cool down and ensure there is no irritation or rashes after the tanning process. 

How Many Days Before Vacation Should I Get a Spray Tan?

In case you are planning a trip, you must get the spray tan done 1-2 days prior to the trip. A spray tan looks best a day after the appointment so you can flaunt the smooth tan on your vacation. For more on this read our article – spray tan before vacation.

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