How to Get Spray Tan off Your Hands and Feet

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There is no better way to achieve a glowing tan than spray tanning. You can get a flawless, dark tan in no time within just one appointment, making it a convenient alternative. However, mishaps can still happen, where your hands and feet have taken on more lotion and have a telltale orange hue.

This leads to the question – how to get spray tan off your hands? Well, you can get rid of the tan with a few helpful tips. To quickly name a few options you have soak in the bath, exfoliate the skin, and even apply toothpaste to name a few.

Keep on reading to learn more about why these tricks work and how to do them yourself!

Ways to Remove Spray Tan From Feet and Hands:

If you’re an avid tanner, you must have noticed a patchy tan on your feet and hands post a spray tan session at least once. A spray tan can last for a long time, ranging from 5-7 days usually. Even after washing, the discoloration can persist, causing you frustration and even embarrassment.

So how do we sort out this problem, well let me explain:

Soak Up in the Bathtub:

As soon as you realize the damage caused by a bad spray tan, you must act quickly. It is natural to wonder how to remove fake tan from hands?

Well, The first thing you can do here is to fill your bathtub with hot water and jump into it. Soaking in the bathtub will not help you relax but also prepare your skin for exfoliating and removing the tan.

Soaking can prove effective in removing tan from almost every part of the body. You can also apply a layer of any soothing body oil to loosen the stubborn patches on your skin. Make sure you completely rinse off and dry your skin completely if you’re heading for another spray tan appointment.

Exfoliate Your Skin:

Spray tan contains DHA and bronzer. While bronzer gives a golden glow to your skin, DHA binds with the amino acids present in the dead cells in the top layer of your skin. Spray tan only affects the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, and doesn’t penetrate to the deeper layers.

If you need to remove the tan from your hands and feet, you can exfoliate the top layer of your skin. Exfoliating scrubs off the dead skin cells from your skin and can also strip away the tan with them. Make sure you choose only a mild scrub to exfoliate the skin, or you can even make a DIY scrub with sugar or oats.    

We Recommend: Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub 

Use Lemon Juice:

What takes off spray tan quickly? The answer is lemon juice. The Vitamin C and citric acid present in lemon juice can help in lightening your skin and remove the unwanted tan.

You can directly apply the juice over your hands and feet or mix it with baking soda to make an exfoliant that you can rub over your skin. It will help lighten the tan and make your skin glowing.

Just make sure when you do this you have any cuts on your fingers or hands covered up with a plaster or something like vaseline. 

Go Swimming:

If you know how to swim and have access to a pool, taking a dip might work wonders for you. The water in swimming pools has chlorine which acts as a bleaching agent that can gently remove the spray tan from your hands and feet, including the touch spots between the toes.

After your long swimming session, make sure you take a shower to remove the chlorine from your skin. You can then exfoliate your skin with a washcloth to remove dead skin and residual tan along. For more advice on this check our article – does spray tan come off in a pool?

Hit the Sauna:

Another easy way to get rid of tan from hands and feet is steam rooms. The heat and sweat involved can help soften your skin as well as the color. It makes it easier for you to simply wipe off the tan.

Take a wet and warm washcloth and simply run it in gentle circular motions on your skin after the steam session to remove the tan. Rinse well using warm water and dry yourself completely.

Apply Toothpaste:

A lot of people face the problem of pigmentation around nails or in the crevasses of palms. Believe it or not you can use whitening toothpaste to help remove a fake tan.

Get a spare toothbrush or any other type of brush. Apply the toothpaste on the skin directly, and then use circular motions to clean it with the brush. Rinse your skin immediately. In case you have extremely sensitive or dry skin, it is best not to use this method. 

Related Questions:   

How Do I Fix My Orange Fake Tan Hands?

If you have developed orange patches or streaks after a fake tan, you can use a face pad infused with glycolic acid to remove it. Make a paste of thick consistency using baking soda and water and apply it to even the skin tone.   

What’s the Best Fake Tan Remover?

St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse can help you remove fake tan. For the ones looking for natural alternatives, lemon juice or baking soda can do wonders for you.   

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