Do Spray Tans Make You Orange

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Spray tans can offer you flawless and glowing skin that you can flaunt for days. But, if you don’t properly prepare for the spray tan session, you might end up with undesirable results like an orange color! 

So, do spray tans make you orange? And, what can you do to avoid it or rectify it? Well yes, a spray tan can turn orange for several reasons. For instance, the tan shade doesn’t match your skin tone, too much DHA in the formula, etc. 

If you’re looking for answers to combat the above stated problem, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out everything about spray tans turning orange and how to prevent it.  

Why Do Spray Tans Turn Orange?

It is majorly due to the tanning solution and the inability to match the shade of the tan with the skin tone. The color that might work for one person might not suit another.

Another common problem is simply applying too much spray tan to one area. This often intensifies the tan which sometimes can lead to an orange tone.

The spray tan process involves a technician applying a tanning lotion all over your skin using a spray gun. The solution contains bronzer and DHA, which work together to give you a darker skin tone. DHA binds with the amino acid present in the dead cells on the top skin layer to alter your skin’s color.

While the spray tan technology is quite precise, even allowing you to customize the shade of tan, a lot can depend on the technician’s abilities. If they apply too much of the solution or choose the wrong shade, you might end up with an orange tan.    

How to Prep Your Skin to Avoid Orange Tan?

The way the spray tan will look on your skin depends not just on the appointment but also on how you prepare your skin for it. Besides choosing a renowned tanning salon and skilled technician, you can also prepare your skin well to avoid getting orange patches. Follow these tips to help you get an even tan:

Exfoliate Your Skin:

Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub will remove the build-up of dead skin cells and give your skin a smooth texture. Your skin will be prepared to hold on to the spray tan solution better. It will ensure you get smooth and even tan, without any patches or streaks.

Make sure you exfoliate at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. The gap between exfoliating and tanning will give your skin enough time to relax and for the pores to close.

Shave 8 Hours Before:

If you have hair on your skin, you must shave or wax before going for a spray tan. It must be done at least 8 hours before to ensure the tanning solution doesn’t irritate your skin. Avoid shaving after tan since it will strip away the color. 

Shower Before Appointment:

It’s important to take a shower 4 hours before the appointment to remove dirt, oil, sweat, or any other product from your skin. Tap your skin gently post-shower and go completely dry for the appointment. 

Go Bare Skin:

Avoid using any product on your skin before the tanning appointment. Skip on moisturizer, deodorant, and even makeup, as they can hamper the process by interfering with the tanning solution. You must keep your skin nourished by using an organic lotion up until the day of spray tan. 

Wear Right Clothes:

If you want a smooth and seamless tan, you must dress right for it. Opt for loose clothes in dark colors to prevent discoloration and tan lines. You can wear dresses or skirts, along with open footwear to avoid patches. Wait for the solution to dry before you wear your clothes after the application to ensure it doesn’t rub off on them. 

How to Fix an Orange Tan?

Sometimes despite the efforts you put into preparing your skin, you can still end up with an orange tan. Use the following four tips to get rid of spray tan that’s orange:

Hot Bath:

In case you notice an orange patch on your skin after tanning, you can take a hot bath. Sitting in hot water for a while will loosen up the color and remove it easily. 

Coconut Oil:

You can apply a layer of coconut oil or body oil to the area affected skin. Let it soak for a while after bathing and then rinse it off and dry your skin completely. Coconut oil is also great for helping to tan naturally.


DHA present in the spray tan binds only to the top layer of the skin. When you exfoliate with a natural scrub, it will remove the dead skin cells from your skin and gently strip away the tan as well. It can help you remove or lessen the orange tan. 

Re-Apply Tan:

If your spray tan is blotchy and orange in color, you might consider going for a re-appointment. The technician will guide you in choosing the right shade and re-applying the solution to cover up the orange tan. You can get a smooth and even tan, but just make sure you follow the 24-hour tanning rule.

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