How to Protect Scars in a Tanning Bed

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If you are planning on using a tanning bed and have any skin scars you might be wondering how to protect them and if they even need to be protected.

One of the best ways to protect scars is by covering them with a SPF lotion of at least 30 SPF. If your scar is bigger or needs the best protection you can use a tanning sticker which would keep it completely protected from the UV rays from the tanning bed.

Below we will get into this in more detail explaining how to do it and if you always need to keep your scars covered in a tanning bed.

How to Protect Scars in a Tanning Bed

Firstly, we want to go more into detail on how to protect your scars in a tanning bed.

Depending on the severity of your scars you might choose one or another way to protect them.

Your first option is to apply an SPF lotion of at least 30 SPF to where the scar is 20 minutes before using the tannin bed. This will help protect the scar from the UV rays and will also help prevent it from drying out on the tanning bed.

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If your scar is more severe or sensitive you can get better protection. The first choice here is tanning stickers. Simply you buy tanning stickers and apply it directly over the scar before going in the tanning bed.

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Some people mightn’t like to apply it to the scar because of how it sticks to the skin. This is where the 3rd and final choice is applicable. The choice to wear clothing over where the scar is an option.

This greatly depends on where the scar is. It might be quite easy to cover a scar on the hand with gloves but on the face it isn’t as practical hence why it’s not the best choice for everyone. If you can’t find a suitable clothing choice to over it opt to place a small towel or something over the scar area.

You will likely already know that all these options will leave you with your scar area not looking tan. This may be okay depending on where it is and your own preferences. But perhaps you don’t want it to appear much lighter than the rest of your skin.

If your scar is in a more visible area you might want the scar to become slightly tanned to make it less noticeable. In that case we suggest opting for a lower SPF cream of around 5-10 SPF. This offers a good amount of protection while allowing the scar to tan at least slightly. This advice is best followed for people whose scars are not irritable or sensitive etc.

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Do Scars Tan?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer that fits everyone. But for most people scars do tan at least to a degree for most people.

If you do opt to tan in the sun or use a tanning bed and don’t opt to protect your skin it’s a good idea to keep the scar and your skin in general moist.

This will stop the scar and your skin from becoming dry and making it more sensitive or susceptible to burning.

Does Tanning Make Scars Worse?

Over exposure to UV rays can make any skin worse, particularly scars. The secret here is to not overexpose your scars to the sun.

If you want to remain on the safe side applying a low SPF cream of 5-10 SPF to the scar area before tanning will help protect the skin but also allow it to tan at least a little. Just be careful to not spend too much time in the sun or tanning bed.

Interested Related Questions

Will Tanning Beds Make Scars Worse?

Just like any skin, scars can be irritated by overexposure to UV rays. Therefore, they should be protected first before entering the tanning bed.

How Long Until You Can Tan Scars?

If you have a recent skin scar it’s best to make sure it has plenty of time to heal before going to tan. We recommend at least 1 month after the scar has developed before going to tan it.

Does Tanning Help Fade Scars?

No tanning typically does not help fade scars. In fact, it is more likely to make them worse. The thing to remember here is to not overexpose your scars to UV light from either the sun or tanning beds.

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