Itch After Brazilian Wax – How to Stop the Itch

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If you have just recently been for a Brazilian wax you might be wondering if it caused the itch and why it happened in the first place.

Well, yes an itch after a Brazilian wax sometimes happens, usually because of the irritation or inflammation that was caused by the waxing itself.

It’s normal to experience some irritation to the skin after the waxing. You can expect at least 2 days after the waxing before your skin will recover.

Below we will go into this in more detail and what you should do to stop the itch.

After Brazilian Wax Itchy Feeling?

If you experience any irritation or an itchy feeling after a Brazilian wax this is quite normal. The reason you may have some itchiness is because of the irritation to the skin because of the waxing.

This irritation and inflammation can cause itchiness to the skin or even in some cases the skin peeling.

It also tends to be the case that people with more thick hair are more likely to experience this itchy feeling in comparison to people with thinner hair who are less likely to get an itchy feeling from a Brazilian Wax.

What to Need to Know on How to Stop the Itch?

It might seem smart or logical to apply something to help calm down the itchy feeling but often it’s best to just let the body calm and heal it naturally.

In fact, some products that you might apply could make the itch and irritation worse, so we recommend keeping all products away from the skin even when showering – ideally until things have started to ease and return to normal.

It’s also best to avoid showering or bathing for at least 12 hours after your waxing session. Ideally you would wait for at least 1 day before showering etc. The reason for this is because heat can aggravate the hair follicles and skin, which can cause things like redness and even bumps on the skin.

It is typically best that you apply no products for at least 1-2 days after the waxing regardless or not if you have any itchy feeling.

It’s also recommended to be gentle on that area for that time as well again regardless of if you have any itch or not. That’s because the skin around this area will be more sensitive and prone to irritation. So it’s a wise decision to be gentle and careful around these areas for at least 2 days.

It’s important to mention not to shave during this time too. Shaving is extremely important to avoid because of the friction that it causes to the skin. That fiction is very important to avoid during the healing period.

As a final note any form of tanning such as tanning in the sun or even tanning beds should also be avoided as well.

Important Questions

How Long Does Irritation Last After a Brazilian Wax?

Any irritation that you might experience should start to clear after 1-2 days’ time but it some cases could take up to 1 week to completely heal.

How Long Does Itching Last After a Wax?

Usually, any itchiness that was caused by a wax will start to or completely fade within 1-2 days’ time. In some cases, you can expect up to 3-4 days’ time. If you notice any longer than this it’s a good idea to contact your beauty salon for more guidance.

Why Is It So Itchy After Waxing?

Usually, the skin will become itchy after waxing because of the irritation and inflammation that the waxing causes to the skin. This can then lead to the skin feeling itchy. It can also cause things like red bumps on the skin or even peeling of the skin for some people.

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