Forgot to Shave Before Spray Tan? What You Should Do NOW!

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If you are about to have your spray tan and have just realized that you forget to shave, you might be a little concerned that the tan will not apply properly.

If you have forgotten to shave and are about to spray tan it doesn’t always mean that the tan will not apply right. Of course, hair can sometimes interfere with the spray tan, but it may not make much difference at all.

Below we will talk about if and when you should shave before tanning and what you should do.

How Hair Can Affect a Spray Tan

When you forgot to shave before a spray tan the obvious thing that might come to mind is how the hair might interfere or ruin the spray tan.

When you have a spray tan the solution can sometimes gather around hairs especially if they are a bit longer. This can then lead to a build up of the spray tan lotion which sometimes can make the spray tan solution not spread as eventually as it should.

This sometimes gives the area around the hairs a darker appearance than the rest of your spray tan. Also, any hair will likely become darker which also makes it more visible which is not idle.

Of course, for some people when the spray tan is applied the difference is not that noticeable if at all. Whereas for some it can be quite bad.

Ideally of course you should always shave before having a spray tan but when is the right time to do that? We will cover that below.

Should I Shave Before a Spray Tan

If you know your spray tan appointment is coming up then it’s a good idea to shave beforehand. But it should not be soon before the spray tan session.

Some people ask the question can I shave 2 hours before a spray tan? Really you should not be shaving that soon before a spray tan because the skin is more irritated and sensitive after shaving and your pores will be open.

Therefore, you should be shaving at least 24 hours before your spray tan session or more ideally 48 hours before. This time difference between the shaving and the spray tan allows time for your skin to calm down and settle before the spray tanning session and for your pores to close.

Of course, you can do it sooner but if you do that it means more chance of skin irritation and the spray tan not applying as evenly. That’s why we recommend shaving at least 24 hours or more ideally 48 hours before your spray tanning session.

What to Do If You Forgot to Shave?

Ideally if you have forgotten to shave before your spray tan session it would be a good idea to change your appointment time to 2 days later or at least 1 day later and then go ahead and shave.

Of course, this isn’t always practical if you need that spray tan for a special event or vacation that’s about to start.

You can of course take the risk and go ahead with the session without shaving. If your leg hairs are not too long it may not affect the tan much if at all. If you do go ahead with it and something goes wrong you can wash off the spray tan on the legs or wherever the problem is.

Also, you can opt to not tan the legs at all or instead decide to just cover them up which might be okay depending on where or what you are planning on doing.

The final option you might be thinking about is shaving after the spray tan. This is not a good idea because shaving usually causes some of the surface skin along with your hair to be removed. This means that the spray tan mixture can be lifted and the surface level skin too. That often leads to ruining the tan and making the legs quite patchy.

Interesting Related Questions

Can You Get a Spray Tan with Hairy Legs?

Ideally you should avoid a spray tan if you have hairy legs because the spray tan will likely not apply as well to the legs.

This can lead to build up of the spray tan lotion around the hairs which may make the tan look uneven or inconsistent.

Will Shaving Affect My Spray Tan?

Yes shaving will likely affect your spray tan. When you shave it can remove some of the top layer of skin in addition to your hair. That can make your spray tan look patchy or even ruin the look completely. Therefore, it’s always recommended to shave before a spray tan and ideally at least 24 hours before your tanning session to allow some time for your skin to settle after shaving.

 Can I Shave the Same Day as a Spray Tan?

It is not recommended to shave the same day as having a spray tan. That’s because the skin is more sensitive after shaving and applying any spray tan may cause irritation to the skin. Ideally we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after shaving before going for a spray tan session.

How Long Does It Take for Pores to Close After Shaving?

Usually, it takes around 24-48 hours for the pores to close after shaving. This will depend on the severity of the shaving and the skins laxness.

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