Can You Shave After a Spray Tan? What to Do?

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Spray tanning is a delicate process, but it’s not exactly rocket science. While the process is simple, you need to take care of a few things post tan to ensure you can get and maintain a darker tan, like shaving.

So, can you shave after a spray tan? Although you can shave immediately after a spray tan session it is not recommended because it will strip off the tanning product sometimes leaving a patchy tan. Ideally it’s best to wait for 12 hours before trying to shave, this way allows the tan to work and the DHA to work with the skin.

Read on to find out the details and exactly what we recommend. 

How Are Shaving and Spray Tanning Related?

When you go in for spray tanning, the technician puts a spray tan solution on your skin using a nozzle gun. The solution contains bronzer and DHA that work on your skin to give you a tan.

While the bronzer helps you achieve a golden glow, DHA binds with the amino acids present in the dead skin cells present on your uppermost layer of the skin epidermis. By interacting with these cells, DHA helps darken your skin tone. The tan you get depends on your skin type, the tone you opt for, and also how you prepare for a spray tan.

The process of shaving peels of the hair from the epidermis and also scratches away a thin layer of the skin. When you go for shaving after a spray tan appointment, you can also exfoliate the dead skin cells present in the uppermost layer and strip away the tan and fade it. 

How to Shave Post Spray Tanning?

While it is advised to avoid shaving after tanning, you can do it in case you have an event or special occasion. You must be extra cautious while shaving and keep the following tips in mind:

Wait for Some Time:

If you have to go somewhere urgently, it is natural that you might want to shave your legs right after the tanning session. Can you shave with a spray tan? You can; however, it is wise to wait for some time after the appointment.

During spray tans, your skin comes in contact with DHA. The chemical can be responsible for causing redness and even bring blood to the surface to ensure more UV absorption. Your skin can be immensely sensitive and blushed right after tanning.

You should wait for at least 12 hours and allow your skin ample time to repair itself. It will help reduce the chances of irritation upon shaving. While waiting, you can even apply a spray tan extender to boost the life of your tan

Get a New Razor:

If you know that you need to shave after a spray tan, you must opt for a new razor instead of an already used one. A new razor is not only more hygienic but also efficient and can get desired results quickly.

When you use an old razor, the blades can be worn off and end up pulling your skin. It can fade away tan more than a new razor, defeating the entire purpose of your spray tan appointment. 

Skip Shaving Foam:

Alcohol and spray tan don’t go well with each other. Owing to this reason, it is advised to skip using any lotion or deodorant that contains alcohol after spray tan. Shaving foams can also contain alcohol and remove your fake tan.

In case you have to use shaving foam, go for the one that doesn’t contain alcohol and is specifically made for artificial tanning. It will help you shave while also preserving your tan. Gels or conditioners might also work as great substitutes for shaving foams. 

Stroke Gently:

When you are shaving after tanning, run the razor blade very lightly over your skin. Avoid pressing it hard or using force as it can strip off the spray tan solution. Using gentle strokes will get the hair off while keeping the tan on. 

Avoid Shaving Regularly:

If you’re someone who shaves often or it is an everyday ritual for you, spray tan might not be ideal for you. Shaving your skin regularly will scrape your skin to take away the hair while also stripping off the tan.

It will only exfoliate your skin every day and make your tan fade away faster than normal. You must avoid shaving regularly after the spray tan appointment if you want to have a dark, smooth tan for a longer period.

Related Questions:

Does Shaving Ruin Fake Tan?

You can shave your skin after a fake tan, whether you opt for spray tan or self-tanners. However, shaving post tanning can hamper the results as it exfoliates the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. It can strip away your tan if you shave harshly using an old razor. 

Should I Fake Tan Before or After Shaving?

No matter the method of fake tanning that you opt for, it is always better to shave before the tan session. You must shave your skin at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. It will give the hair follicles enough time to close back up and ensure you can get smooth and even tan.

Your skin will also calm down post the shave in a few hours and reduce the chances of irritation. Waxing before spray tan must also be done a day before the appointment. 

What Should You Not Do After Spray Tan?

The results of a spray tan depend not only on how well your tanning session goes but also on how well you take care of it. It is natural to wonder what to do before and after a spray tan.

After your spray tan appointment, you must avoid taking a shower immediately as it will wash off the tanning solution early. Wait for 4-8 hours to take a shower. Skip exfoliating, waxing, or shaving your legs after a spray tan as it can fade away the tan. Avoid sweating and take short showers for a few days.   

Can I Fake Tan Then Shave the Next Day?

Yes, you can shave the very next day after you fake tan. Make sure you wait for at least 8 hours post tanning to shave the first time. Use a new razor and apply gentle strokes to shave your skin. It will help you get rid of unwanted hair while also preserving your tan.  

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