Nail Colors That Make You Look Tan – Our 5 Favorites

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Apart from choosing appropriate clothes colors, good nail colors can help transform your tan. 

Finding it hard to pick the best nail polish colors for your tanned skin? Here is the trick, choose a color that contrasts with your current skin tone.

Choosing Your Nail Color Based on Skin Tone

Depending on your skin tone different colors will work better than others. Firstly here are some general recommendations depending on your skin tone, then we will talk about our 5 overall favorites that will really help you look more tan.

Shades of red, blue, and different neon shades look best on light skin tones.

For medium or olive skin tone, try blue, purples and pinks, dark burgundy, and nudes shades of nail polish.

Gold, bronze, blue, nudes and soft shades of neon work best for dark skin tones.

Nail Colors That Make You Look Tan – Top 5

1. Bright White

Just like a bright white sundress under the sun on a beach, white nail polish is the fastest way to enhance your tan.

A bright white polish makes your tan pop while giving your nails a fresh and beautiful look and is arguably the most attractive nail color.

It’s a good idea to apply three to four coats of white nail polish to avoid streaks and achieve an even coat. 

Add some cute little flower prints to break the monotony.

2. Shades of Blue

Blue will always remind us of the ocean and the beach.

Since blue is a complementary color for brown and yellow tones, blue nail polish will instantly enhance your tan.

Blue nail polish is a versatile color so, you do not need to change your nail polish color for that corporate meeting you need to attend immediately after your vacation.   

When choosing the shade a baby blue is great for a darker tan and for a lighter tan you can opt for a darker royal blue.

3. Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the best nail polish colors for tanned skin. Its shimmery hue not only complements your tan but also adds some glam to your nails.

Any metallic color looks good on tanned skin but rose gold creates a soft yet bold contrast to your skin. This makes it the perfect nail polish color for your bronzed skin.

When applying the rose gold nail polish, avoid adding glitter detail. More glitter to a shimmery hue will look extra and attract the wrong attention on your skin. A nice glossy finish is enough for a beautiful look.

4. Sage Green

Sage green is a fresh color that reminds us that summer is here. Sage green nail polish looks good on all skin tones but works best on olive undertones. 

Sage green creates a soft and natural look that perfectly complements your tan.

Be creative and add fun gradients or flower prints while applying this nail polish for a fun and chic look. 

5. Neon Orange

Not a fan of orange neon colors on clothes? Try orange neon nail polish for an enhanced tanned look.

Neon orange works best on tanned skin because of its help in contrasting the hue off the skin.

When applying orange neon polish, use white nail polish as the base. Once dry, apply two to three coats of neon orange nail polish.

A white base helps to intensify the neon effect and avoid streaks.

Related Questions

What Colors Make Pale Skin Look Tan?

Blue is the best color to make pale skin appear darker. 

You can also opt for citrus colors like yellow, lime green, and the right shade of orange.

What Nail Color Do Guys Find Most Attractive?

Most guys find red the most attractive color because of its boldness and femininity aspects.

Thinking of turning heads without trying too much? Paint your nails in a deep glossy red color.

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