The 10 Best Colors That Go With Tan Skin

white dress tanning

Now that you have achieved a perfect tan, it is only fair that you flaunt it.

The good news is you do not need to get very dark so that people can notice your tan regardless if it. 

Taking care of your tan and wearing the correct color of clothes is one of the best ways you can make your tan really pop!

Here are our 10 favorites and why they work so well:

1. White

As common as white might be, this is the best color to bring out your tan. It creates contrast against your skin thus, making you darker.

Bright white looks great on a light tan while off-white compliments a dark tan.

Example White Dress: ECOWISH Womens Mini Dress

2. Shades of Blue

The colors of the sea are the best colors for a tan because they highlight your skin more. 

The lighter the shade, the darker the tan will look. The darker the shade the less noticeable your tan will appear. 

Example Blue Top: REORIA Women’s Tank Top

3. Citrus and Fruity

Citrus colors include yellow, lime green, and orange while, fruity colors are raspberry, red, and green.

Citrus colors tend to enhance your skin glow and make your tan visible. 

Wear more yellow and orange if you have golden skin for the perfect skin glow.

Red can be a tricky color to work with but, finding the right shade of red (lighter usually works best) can enhance your tan and shift the focus on your glowing skin. 

Example Yellow Blouse: Romwe Short Sleeve Top

4. Shades of Pink

Are you trying to determine what colors go good with a tan? Try warm shades of pink.

Pink adds that rosy glow to your tan giving your skin a healthy and natural look.

If you are not a fan of bright colors, opt for shades of pink for an enhanced glow on your skin.

Example Pink Blazer: Cnkwei Women’s Casual Blazer

5. Shades of Orange

If you acquired a natural tan, going for orange is a good choice. 

Shades of orange include pumpkin, rush, amber, peach, etc. Orange clothes bring out a brown tint on your skin thus enhancing your tan. 

If you acquired your tan using a spray tan, stay away from orange colors. Sometimes spray tans can leave your skin orange and dressing in orange will only enhance the orange look on your tan.

Example Orange Heels: GENSHUO Strappy Heels

6. Gold and Bronze

Gold and bronze are fun and versatile colors that can complement your tan.

A piece of well-paired gold jewelry will blend into your skin tone leaving you looking like a goddess with a beautiful glow. 

Example Gold Necklace: Ross-Simons Italian 14kt Gold Necklace

7. Shades of Brown

Not a fan of bright-colored clothes? Lighter shades of brown work great against the skin and not only that but brown hair is also one way of making your tan more noticeable.

Brown hair not only highlights your facial features but also adds warmth to your complexion.

The good news is, brown hair is elegant and timeless so, you can choose to flaunt it even after your tan fades.

Example Brown Sandals: Women’s Platform Sandals

8. Auburn 

Try auburn color on your hair. It particularly contrasts a lighter tan beautifully.

Auburn consists of a blend of blonde and red shades that instantly gives your tan life!

Whether you decide to do highlights or a full-color job, auburn will not disappoint you. 

Step out of your comfort zone and try this fierce color.

Example Auburn Dress: NCAA Dress

9. Purple

Are you struggling to understand what color compliments a tan? Purple is here to save the day.

Lilac, mauve, and lavender are beautiful shades of purple that will highlight your tan.

For a more distinctive tanned look, always stick to lighter shades of purple.

Example Purple Swimsuit: CUPSHE Women’s V Neck One Piece

10. Honey Blonde

Tanned skin and blonde hair are a match made in heaven. No one goes wrong with classic blonde hair- all you have to do is find the right shade to compliment your tan.

Warm hair tones blend beautifully with tanned skin making honey blonde your to-go hair color.

This hair color will illuminate your complexion while maintaining that natural look you want.

Example Hair Color: L’Oreal Light Ash Blonde Hair

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Related Questions

What is the Complementary Color of Tan?

Complementary colors are two colors placed together to create the strongest contrast.

On the color wheel, tan is a neutral color so blue works best as a complementary color for tan.

What Neutral Colors Go With a Tan?

White is the ultimate neutral color that compliments a tan. 

Beige and shades of brown are good choices too. Go for these colors when you need to flaunt your tan during corporate or official events.

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