What Color Makes Pale Skin Look Tanned?

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If you want to make your pale skin, look more tanned or better in general one way to do this quickly is by choosing the right color. But what color makes pale skin look tanned?

Colors that make pale skin look more tanned tend to be deeper colors such as red and even a navy blues can work wonders. This is because they offer a good contrast to the skin and allow the skin to appear more radiant. Keep in mind though that what color works best for one may not work best for everyone.

Below we will get into how to choose the best colors to make pale skin look more tanned and what to expect.

Knowing Your Skin Tone

Before you want to go ahead and choose your colors its first best to understand your skin tone. Once you understand your tone you will be able to get colors that not only make you look more tanned but tend to contrast your skin better than simply choosing a color you like.

You may want to contact a stylist who will be able to find the exact tones and colors that will compliment your skin tone best.

Finding a Contrast

It tends to be the paler your skin the darker and deeper colors will work best. This is because they are great a contrast with the skin. This contrast not only makes your skin appear more tanned, but it also compliments your tone better.

As we have mentioned darker colors are a great way to go if you have more fair skin. But another important factor that must be considered is hair and eye color. For example, if you have freckles or red hair, opting for a darker blues such as navy often works well, because it compliments with the fairer skin along with the red tones of the hair and freckles if you have them.

If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, a rich and royal red will bring out your skin to make it appear more tanned and give you a more intense glow.

If you are someone who has pale skin but with darker hair such as black or deep brown. A couple of color choices that work well are an emerald green or deep royal purple color. For people with darker hair and brown eyes there tends to be more flexibility when it comes to choosing colors because of their more neutral colors.

Sometimes people ask does black make you look tan. Well often black works well with people who are fairer skinned but often it doesn’t make you look more tanned. This is because it doesn’t have any color which offers more of a radiance affect which you don’t get with black. Though often black does compliment the skin well but doesn’t offer that more tanned look.

One way black does work well is as a base. For example, if you are wearing black leggings or skirt and choosing one of the other colors as a top this often works well. Because you mix one neutral color with a more vibrant color.

Related Questions

How Can I Make My Pale Skin Look Tan?

Often the best way to make pale skin look more tan is by using a self-tanning product or going for a spray tan. This gives a fast tan effect that not only is safe for the skin but can last up to 10 days’ time.

What Colors Will Make Me Look Less Pale?

Deeper colors tend to work best with more pale skin. Colors that contrast the skin and allow for a radiance effect when compared with your skin tone and hair color for example. A couple examples of this are deep reds or navy blues.

How Can I Look Less Pale Without Tanning?

One of the best ways to look less pale without tanning is to choose your clothes color wisely because it can make your skin appear more tan. If you are not open to tanning in the sun you can also opt for self-tanning which is safe for the skin and quick and easy to apply.

Can You Take Melanin Pills to Get Tan?

Melanin pills can help with getting a tan. Though it should be noted that typically it is often better and more safe to opt for a sunless tanning method instead such as self-tanning or spray tanning.

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