Nipple Tanning Explained & Do Nipples Tan?

nipple tanning

Sunbathing topless can be a wonderfully freeing and confidence-building experience. #freethenipple is breaking down outdated ideas that women should cover their breasts whilst out in the sun, and more and more women are spending their vacations free from restraint (and tan lines!)

So, can you tan your nipples? The skin around the areola is sensitive, so you need to take extra care when exposing nipples to the sun. But with adequate hydration and UV protection, yes, you can absolutely tan your nipples.

Let’s take a more detailed look about getting your nipples tanned, and how to protect them under the sun.

Do Nipples Tan?

Yes! Nipples will react to UV exposure the same way as the rest of your body, meaning melanin production will be stimulated and the skin will darken.

Variation in nipple color is totally normal and is never something to be ashamed of or self-conscious about. They are, however, a particularly sensitive part of the body, and so are more likely to burn, which is why we need to take extra care if exposing them to the sun.

Whilst a nipple tan is not the first thing you think of when you picture your body beautifully bronzed, it is something to consider if you plan to get a spray tan or sunbathe topless.

Nipple Tanning Explained

There are some steps you can take to protect your nipples if you are planning on sunbathing topless and tanning your breasts. A nipple tan is great, but burned, damaged, flaking nipples? Not so much.

It is not recommended to have your nipples exposed if you are using a tanning bed, because the UV rays are so concentrated, it is difficult to protect them adequately. Cover them with stickers like these tanning pasties if you are using a sunbed topless.

Out in the sun, however, it is safe to have your nipples exposed if you follow these steps.

First, protect your nipples from the inside by building a variety of fruit and vegetables into your diet. The vitamins and antioxidants will help your skin build a natural protective layer against UV rays.

In the sun, make sure to apply a higher UV sunscreen to protect your nipples. Because the skin is so sensitive, they need factor 50 to be applied regularly.

We Recommend: Thinkbaby SPF50

Avoid exposing your nipples to midday sun, because the rays are at their highest concentration, and your nipples will be more sensitive to burning.

After exposing your nipples to the sun, make sure to keep them well hydrated with a cooling after sun lotion. Aloe vera is also a great option. Sun exposure causes all skin to dry out, and the effect will be exaggerated around the nipple area. Rehydrating the skin is vital.

Related Questions

What to Put on Nipples While Tanning?

If you are using sunbeds, it is recommended that you cover your nipples with nipple cover stickers.

You can also wear pasties if you are outside in the sun or going for a spray tan if tan areolas is not a look you’re going for.

Another option for avoiding spray tan touching your nipples is petroleum jelly, because it provides a protective layer on the skin which the DHA color can’t seep through. Vaseline is a well-loved favorite.

Can You Use Self Tanner on Breasts?

It is absolutely safe to use fake tan on your breasts, so if you are going for a spray tan or use fake tan at home, you don’t have anything to worry about. Just avoid open wounds as you don’t want the spray tan getting in.

It is not recommended, however, for women who are breastfeeding.

Can You Go Tanning with Nipple Rings?

If you have a new piercing that hasn’t healed yet, avoid using tanning beds, getting a spray tan, or exposing it to the sun. When a piercing is healing the area needs to be super clean and hydrated, and so you don’t want to apply tanning products to the area.

Once the piercing is fully healed, it is safe to tan with nipple rings.

Can Tanning Darken Your Nipples?

Yes. The skin on your nipples reacts even more strongly to sun exposure, so they will get darker when exposed to the sun. Because of the sensitivity of the nipples, they will burn more easily, so protect them well if you want to sunbathe topless!

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