Spray Tan Before Vacation – Should You Do It?

spray tanning

Whether you are headed to a tropical getaway or a peaceful vacation in the hills, there’s nothing better than having glowing, tanned skin. You can look your best, flaunt your smooth skin, and even get amazing pictures.

Sp, are you wondering if you can get a spray tan before vacation? Yes, you can go for a spray tan before heading for your vacation. However, you must keep a few things in mind before your appointment. 

Keep reading and find out everything about tanning before an exciting vacation. 

Why Should You Spray Tan Before Vacation?

Here are 3 prominent reasons why you should go for a spray tan before your trip:

Saves Time:

Spray tanning is a quick and convenient process. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at a spray tan salon. The technician will spray the tanning solution all over your skin in a booth, and you will be done within 15 minutes.

When compared with other methods, spray tanning is a time-saving alternative.  

Boosts Confidence:

It is natural for you to want to look great on vacation. Having glowing, smooth, and tanned skin will not only ensure you look good but also boost your confidence. Getting a spray tan before a beach trip can help you flaunt your outfits and feel good about yourself. 

Look More Toned:

If you have been working out, especially for the upcoming vacation, a spray tan before a beach vacation is a must. It can help define your body and make you look more fit.

What to Know For Your Spray Tan Before Your Vacation:

Now that you’ve decided to get a spray tan before heading for your holiday, there are a few essential things that must be kept in mind. Follow these tips to prepare for your spray tan:

Tan 1-2 Days Before:

A spray tan typically lasts from 5-10 days, depending on your skin, the shade you pick, and how well you care for it. You must schedule the tanning appointment 1-2 days before leaving. 

This will give time for the tan to develop and also allow time for you to prepare for your vacation without getting in the way just before travelling.

Prepare Your Skin:

If you wish to achieve a smooth tan, it is vital to prepare your skin before you head for your appointment. Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before the spray tan to remove the build-up of dead skin cells. It will ensure you get a smooth and even tan that stays for long.

You must also moisturize your skin well until the day of the tanning since dry skin doesn’t hold on to tan well. If you want to shave or wax unwanted hair, you must do it at least 8 hours prior to tanning.   

Take a Trial:

If you’re new to spray tanning, do a trial run to know which color you should get and if it suits you or not. I would suggest doing a trial run at least 3-4 days before the trip and ideally about 1 week before. It will help you avoid any surprises when you go tanning before your vacation.   

Practise Aftercare:

In case you want the spray tan to last throughout your trip, you must take care of it. Wait for at least 4-8 hours before you wash off the spray tan, and then keep your skin moisturized with an organic lotion. Skip shaving or exfoliating your skin to preserve the tan and continue looking good. For more on this check our article – spray tan after care.

Related Questions: 

Can You Get a Spray Tan and Then Go Tanning?

Yes, you can lounge in the sun to get a natural tan after getting a spray tan. DHA in spray tan only sticks to the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. However, UV radiation penetrates deeper into the skin to trigger the production of melanin in the deepest skin layers. Both the methods work differently, so you can still go tanning on vacation after a spray tan session.

Does Spray Tan Prevent Sunburn? 

It’s important before going on vacation and after getting a spray that the spray tan actually doesn’t offer any protection against radiation, and you can still suffer skin damage. Thus it’s important to wear protection with SPF when outside or lounging in the sun for example.

How Far in Advance Must You Get a Spray Tan Before an Event?

If you have a big event to attend, schedule your spray tan appointment 2-3 days before. This will not only allow the tan to fully develop but also leave you enough time to rinse it off. 

Can Spray Tans Wash Off in the Ocean?

Because sea water has salt this makes it more likely to fade your tan. Therefore it is wise to not spend too much time in the water if you want to keep your tan lasting as long as possible. For more on this check our article – does spray tan come off in a pool.

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