Spray Tan for Prom – 4 Important Tips You Must Know

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If your prom is coming up no doubt you want to look your best.

A golden tan almost definitely will help you with that, but there are some things to keep in mind before you go for your spray tan.

Here we will explain what you must know about getting a spray tan for prom before you get started.

Go Ahead of Time

It’s best to go for a spray tan as least 2 days before your prom. The main reason for this is so you can make sure it’s the right spray tan for you and the color suits you as you would like.

Also, if something went wrong with the spray tan whether it went patchy or cracked you would have ample time to fix it before your prom.

3 days is what we recommend. This gives time for the spray tan to develop and then you can adjust it or make any corrections if they are needed.

Choose a Lighter Tone

You might prefer to go for a darker tan to get what you think is the best look. Though typically we recommend going for a shade lighter than you first had in mind.

A lighter or medium shade is especially recommended if you are a beginner to spray tans and are not sure what shade will work best for you.

It’s much safer to opt for a tan tone that’s lighter. It will make you tan more subtle but also help give your skin a more golden glow.

Consider Your Makeup

When your skin is more tanned your current makeup may not work as well or compliment your new skin color as smoothly.

You may need to adjust your makeup to get the best effect out of your tan. This may mean going for a darker shade of foundation and concealer and opting for lipstick that compliments the tan better, typically with warmer undertones to name a few things.

For example, if you choose a red lipstick opt for one with a hint of orange or yellow as this will better compliment the tan. For more on this check our articles – makeup for tanned skin – ultimate guide, best eyeshadow colors for tanned skin & choosing lipstick for tanned skin.

When considering your makeup, you may want to do a test run if you have time, where you have had the spray tan and then are able to find the suitable makeups to work with it. This would need to be at least 1-2 weeks before your prom date, basically as a test run.

Skin Preparation is Essential

To make sure your tan is looking the best it can be skin preparation is very important. There are 2 important things here to think about – firstly exfoliation.

Ideally you should exfoliate 1 day before your spray tan. This helps remove old skin and leaves your surface skin looking as fresh and smooth as possible. Not only will this help your tan look better it will also make it last for longer too.

The second part of skin preparation is moisturizing your skin. Make sure you are moisturizing your skin twice per day. This keeps the surface level of your skin looking as smooth as possible. This will also help bring out the glow and radiance in your skin especially once you have had your spray tan too. For more on spray tan preparations check our article – spray tan instructions.

Related Questions

How Do You Get a Tan for Prom?

The best way to get a tan before prom is a spray tan. Also, if you prefer you can opt for using self-tanner too.

Generally, as this is a big occasion like a wedding we recommend going for a spray tan which is more likely to be smooth and consistent when compared with self-tanner.

How Many Days Before Prom Should I Self-Tan?

Ideally we recommend at least 2-3 days that you self-tan before your prom. The reason for this is the same as a spray tan in the sense you want to make sure the tan has turned out smooth without any problems and it’s the perfect tone for you.

If you do it early and there is a problem you will have time to adjust or correct it if needed.

When Should I Start Tanning Before Prom?

This greatly depends on what method of tanning you are opting for. For spray tan and self-tanning, you can do the tan 2-3 days before as we mentioned before.

For a tanning bed you would need 2-3 sessions per week for 2 weeks. For a sun tan, this can vary a lot depending on the sun intensity and UV index but generally speaking you might need 1-2 weeks of tanning every other day for 30-60 minutes.

How Do You Cover Tan Lines for Prom?

You could opt to use another dress that covers these lines. A second option would be to use a light self-tanner and apply to where the tan lines are. Of course, sometimes this might not work out perfectly, but it makes the best of a tricky situation.

Should I Tan Before Prom?

Yes, tanning before prom is recommended to give your skin the best and most beautiful golden glow.

You don’t have to opt for the darkest shade, even a lighter shade can bring out your beauty too.

Should I Self-Tan Before Prom?

Self-tanning before prom is fine. One thing you just need to make sure is that you do so a few days before your prom to make sure your have gotten the right tan shade you wanted along with if anything needs to be adjusted you can do so beforehand.

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