Makeup for Tanned Skin: The Ultimate Guide

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Who doesn’t want to let their natural glow shine, after some time in the sun?

Taking care of your skin is essential to looking and feeling good – especially after a day under the rays. The right makeup products are a priority for bringing out the best in your skin, protection from sun damage and for showing off your summer glow.

Whether you’re off on vacation, just back from a break in the sun or lucky enough to live somewhere warm, choosing the right makeup and application methods can help show off your skin at its best.

Before considering the products, you will need, your makeup application routine will need to change too. The application of your makeup is just as important as the products you use when you have tanned skin.

How Do You Apply Make Up to Tan Skin?

Firstly, it’s important to understand the order in which to apply your make up before understanding our advice on how to apply makeup with tanned skin.

Before applying makeup, first choose a primer. For dry skin opt for a moisturizing primer. For oily skin choose matte. Follow these application makeup steps for tanned skin to keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

  • Apply primer using a brush or makeup sponge.
  • Wait at least five minutes before applying foundation or BB cream.
  • Lightly apply foundation and remove excess with clean sponge.
  • Use a bronzer and large brush to bronze your nose and cheek bones.
  • Appy highlighter to your nose and cheek bones.
  • Apply mascara and eyeliner.
  • Apply finishing powder or spray.
  • Finish with a light lip gloss or nude lipstick.

Choosing the Best Makeup for Tanned Skin

One of the best ways to ensure your skin looks its best after time in the sun, is investing in the right makeup for your new skin tone and skin type.

As well as changing your application routine, many people change all the products in their makeup bag when they’re tanned – from foundation to eye products. Now I want to cover foundation and eye makeup because they are particularly important when it comes to getting your makeup right:

Foundation Advice

For most people, their entire makeup style changes when the sun is out. Firstly, and perhaps the biggest change, is the type of foundation.

Your usual makeup routine might not be sufficient to counteract the effects, to counteract the breakouts and dry skin that UV exposure can cause.

Sun-kissed skin doesn’t need a high-coverage foundation or concealer.

In warmer weather a full-coverage foundation will become sticky and highlight any dry skin or sun damage. Matte foundations should also be avoided.

So, what is the best Foundation for Tan Skin? Well, it’s essential to choose a liquid foundation or BB cream – that won’t cover up your natural glow – and a powder to hide any shine.

Eye Makeup Important Guidance

Tanned skin is often oilier or drier than your normal skin type and this should be taken into consideration when choosing eye makeup.

In a warmer climate, makeup tends to migrate. Any heavy eye makeup look will be quickly ruined if applied too heavily or incorrectly.

If you want to show off your summer glow, simply highlight your eyes with mascara and a stroke of eyeliner.

If you want a more dramatic look, use a matte primer to prepare your eyelids. Allow the primer to dry completely before applying any eyeshadow.

If you want your eyeshadow to pop against your tan, apply a white basecoat to your eyelids. When applying eye makeup avoid cream eyeshadows – they will clump in the crease in hotter temperatures.

Stay away from reds and oranges, they will highlight any sunburn in your tan. Instead choose neutral tones such as blacks, browns, and creams.

Essential Warm Weather Make Up Advice

Your makeup might change in warmer climates. Lipsticks and foundation can melt. Powders and bronzers can swell and crack.

Keeping your makeup in a cool dry environment will keep it in top condition through your vacation. Store your makeup in your hotel room fridge. The cooler temperature and lack of humidity will protect your beauty products. If you live somewhere hot, think about investing in a beauty fridge.

If you plan on wearing makeup in the daytime in the sun, invest in makeup with sun protection. BB creams and foundations with UV protection can be found in your local drug store. Loose foundation, bronzers and finishing powders can also be found with UV protection.

For your lips a UV lipstick or lip balm will protect them from cracking in the sun. You should always apply sun protection before makeup for maximum protection.

If your skin reacts badly to the sun – don’t panic! Apply some moisturizer or after-sun and avoid any cream-based makeup (no foundation or BB cream). Use a powder or bronzer to blend the sunburn or dry skin once the moisturizer has dried. Don’t be tempted to apply lots of make up to cover it – it will just draw attention to the area.

Related Question/s

How Can I Look Pretty with Tan Skin?

To make the most of your tanned look, highlight it – don’t cover it up. Try to keep your tanned skin makeup natural and minimalistic – allowing your tan to shine through.

Choose natural tones, highlighters, and bronzers to help your pretty summer glow last as long as possible.

Can You Tan With Makeup On?

So, can you tan with makeup on? Well yes you can though sometimes it can causes the tan to become patchy so really it’s a good idea to not tan with makeup up for the most part. This is sometimes why people ask the question why doesn’t my face tan– well often it’s due to make up blocking the UV rays from reaching their skin at least partially.

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