Best Eyeshadow Colors for Tan Skin

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No doubt if you have gotten yourself a lovely tan you might need to adjust your makeup. One very important thing that will need choosing with be your eyeshadow colors. However, this begs the question – what is the best eye makeup for tanned skin?

The best eye shadow colors for tanned skins are brighter colors like lavender, peach or purple to name a few. Darker complexions should always avoid eye shadow with a white or ashy shade, as these can make the skin look dull.

That is the first thing you should keep in mind when it comes to eye makeup for tanned skin. Also importantly, you may want to choose something that is more particular with your eye color while keeping your warm skin tone in mind.

The secret is all in the undertones. Let us compare our recommendations based on your eye color in more detail below.

Blue Eyes

One of the best eyeshadow colors for tan skin is lavender. Despite the fact that certain shades of purple should be avoided due to their cool blue undertones, lavender is not one of those.

It actually has a reddish and warmer undertone and goes really nicely with blue eyes and tan skin. In addition, pairing a rust color or warm metallic with brown or teal really makes blue eyes pop.

Fun fact: teal is actually between warm blue and cool green, thus works perfectly well for both cool and warm undertones.

For greenish blue eyes, feel free to linger more towards gold for an energetic and dazzling look.

Moreover, when peach or baby pink are used these can give off a youthful appearance, and shades of blue that have warm undertones can be used as well such as ultramarine and indanthrone Blue. Or, even better – when used as a bold eyeliner or accent these colors look inspiring.  For mascara colors check our article – What Color Mascara for Blue Eyes is Best?

Green Eyes

Some of the best eyeshadow colors for tan skin and green eyes include any shades of yellow or peach because they make the eyes appear brighter, whilst deep purple or plum are perfect for a more dramatic look, and earthy shades of brown provide depth to this eye color.

Warm shades of green can also work really well, like moss, chartreuse, fern, olive, and khaki.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are quite easy, as many colors complement this color. By now, a common theme should be evident: most colors can work for tanned skin, so long as the shade chosen has a warm undertone.

Rich jewel tones work very well with brown eyes, such as a warm brown or burgundy, teal, deep purples, or even coppery orange.

Anything with a yellow or goldish undertone will bring out the honey color of brown eyes.

Hazel Eyes

The kind of makeup for tan skin tone with hazel eyes is very similar to that of brown eyes, since they are quite similar except for the fact that hazel eyes would have green or gold (or both) tones mixed in there, so depending on which you have more of, you may want to try and accentuate.

To do this, combine warm shades of brown with green and yellow/gold colors for your eye shadow.

Moreover, warm pinks or reds can also draw out the green from your hazel eyes whilst complementing the brown tones too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color eyeshadow goes with brown skin?

Metallics, especially purples, blues, gold, and teals make for a stunning look on darker and bronzed skin.

What color eyeshadow is best for olive skin?

Anything with hues of golden brown, teal, forest green, blues, and plum all look gorgeous on any range of olive skin, whether it’s light or dark. Play around with which colors you prefer, especially ones that complement your eye color as well.

How do you do eye makeup for tan skin?

Colors that have warm undertones will always complement tan skin since they share that quality.

So, it’s all just a simple matter of choosing colors that you like, that all have a warm undertone, and also that go well together – if the colors also bring out your eye color, that’s an added bonus.

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