Spray Tan for Darker Skin – Can Black People Get Tan?

spray tan for darker skin

At least once, if not often, people have discouraged you from getting a tan simply because your skin is already dark! 

But can a dark-skinned person get a spray tan? Yes, you can get a spray tan because the benefits of tanning remain the same regardless of your skin color or tone. Spray tanning not only gives your skin an even tone and natural glow but also protects your skin.

If you are looking for the basics of safe tanning for black skin whether you are african american, asian etc. then you are in the right place. Read on to find out more about tanning for darker skin.

Spray Tan on Black Skin – Does it Work?

Even though the outcome of a spray tan on dark skin is not as noticeable as on lighter skin tones. Tanning instantly radiates your skin and evens your skin tone.

A spray tan is not meant to make you darker. Instead, it gives your skin tone a radiant glow while maintaining your natural complexion.

With the correct shade, a spray tan will minimize your skin imperfections and help you achieve a perfect tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

Are There Spray Tans for Dark Skin Tones?

Yes, there are spray tans for dark skin tones available in the market for purchase. You can achieve a perfect tan with the help of tanning products that saves you from the hassle of basking in the sun for long hours. 

Trying to pick a tanning spray by yourself can be tricky because a lot goes into picking shades for different skin tones.

Your beautician can help pick the best shades for your skin after determining your skin tone and skin undertones to avoid the infamous orange look.

Spray tans come in different shades to perfectly match different dark skin tones. Here is a guideline on how to choose the perfect shade for you:

Choose Your Spray Tan Based on Your Skin Tone

Determining your skin tone before choosing any spray tan shade is the most vital step. 

Choose chocolate or natural shade spray tan for a more enhanced golden glow look. You can also customize your spray tan shade to match your targeted look depending on the occasion or season.

Determine Your Skin Undertone

You can quickly determine your skin undertone by observing your veins while sitting in a naturally lit area. 

If your veins appear greenish, then you have a warm undertone, while bluish or purplish veins indicate that you have a cool undertone.

A neutral undertone is determined when you cannot see the color of your veins or your veins look similar to your skin.

The darker your skin the more likely you have a warm undertone. If you have a warm undertone then choosing a medium to dark spray tan can actually be great to balance out your skin color and also add a nice glow to your skin. If you have a more neutral or cool undertone it’s actually worth going for a slightly darker spray tan. 

This is because it will help balance and make the skin tone more even and this also helps bring out a more noticeable glow on these kinds of skin undertones.

We recommend:

For a warm skin undertone – L’Oreal Paris Tanning Mist

For a cool or neutral skin undertone – b.tan Self Tanner Darkest

Choose Your Color Tone Based on DHA

DHA is responsible for inducing the brown color in the skin tone during tanning. 

Make sure you confirm the DHA level of the tan spray before you purchase because the higher the DHA level, the darker your skin will be.

Spray Bronzers for Dark Skin Tips

Yes, there are spray bronzers for dark skin with the correct undertones specially made for dark-skinned people.

A spray bronzer is responsible for giving your skin some radiance and shine during tanning.

Initially, people used bronzers to define the face, hide blemishes and enhance facial features. You can now use spray bronzers not just on your face but on your body for an illusion of a slimmer body or radiant skin.

Is There a Bronzer in a Spray Tan Solution?

Most of the spray tan solutions have a bronzer. A bronzer acts as a guide on your skin to prevent you from spraying too much tan.

When tanning, a bronzer instantly gives you a complete tanned look. 

If the bronzer looks good, your skin should also look good once the DHA takes effect, with minimum changes.

Now that you have an idea on how to achieve the perfect tan for dark skin, applying sunscreen lotions, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding direct sunlight is a sure way of keeping your tan longer while maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

You should always seek expert advice before tanning to avoid the mistake that might pose a health risk to you.

Related Questions

What is The Darkest Spray Tan?

B.tan is one of the best dark tan sprays you can find on the market.

Typically the higher the DHA percentage, the deeper your spray tan color. If your spray tan consists of 15% DHA and above, your tan will be much darker.

Does Fake Tan Work on Brown Skin?

Yes. A fake tan works on all skin tones and shades, including brown skin. 

With the right shade of fake tan and preparing adequately for a tan, you can achieve a perfect tan without necessarily getting in the sun.

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