What Color Mascara for Blue Eyes is Best?

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If you have blue eyes, you might be wondering what is the best color of mascara to really make them pop and stand out even more. To help bring attention to their natural beauty.

Of course, there are many colors and combinations available so sometimes choosing the right one might be overwhelming for some. This is where we come in to help you choose the right colors for you and why you might want to try them.

What Color Mascara for Blue Eyes is Best?

When it comes to blue eyes there are a selection of colors that work particularly well. It tends to be the case that deeper and darker colors contrast the lighter blue eyes color best. For example black, brown and navy go especially well with blue eyes. Below we will go through some of our favorite color mascaras for blue eyes and why they work so well.

Black Mascara

Black mascara is a great choice that works really well with blue eyes. It helps to create a bold look particularly when used with a winged eyeliner.

Though it’s important to note if you have more pale or fair skin, black mascara may be too harsh. Therefore opting for something a little more subtle like a brown may be a better choice if you have more pale skin.

Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is another option that looks more natural than the black counterpart for most people. It helps to enhance the color of your eyes without being too strong or overly bold.

It really helps to add definition without looking too heavy or overdone. If you have blue eyes and want a more subtle and natural look then brown mascara is a great option.

Navy Mascara

Another great color choice of mascara for blue eyes is navy. When compared with black and brown navy is sort of a middle ground. It is not as strong as black but it isn’t as subtle and natural looking as brown either. Navy is great at helping to add definition and something more intense that also helps to compliment your blue eyes thanks to having the subtle deep blue color.

Also, if you are someone who likes something a little bit different then navy is a great choice. That’s different from the normal but still elegant and bold especially when paired with blue eyes.

Purple Mascara

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous and fun purple is a really great choice. It works well with blue eyes because purple compliments blue quite nicely.

It also helps to make your eyes pop well. When it comes to purple try to find a shade of purple that compliments your skin tone well. If your skin is more fair chances are a lighter purple will work better for you. If you have darker or more tanned skin then a deeper and richer purple color would be your best choice instead.

Also keep in mind that’s it’s important to consider the formula. Ideally you want a formula that helps to enhance your lashes without smudging or flaking throughout the day. Waterproof mascara is not only a good choice if you are spending time at the pool or the beach but also if you have more oily skin it will really help to keep the makeup intact and will help prevent smudging and the like.

In conclusion the best mascara color for your own blue eyes will depend on your own preference. Of course, your eyes and skin tone play an important factor, but they shouldn’t always be the thing that makes you decide one way or another, if you’d like to try out something different or uncommon for yourself.

Important Related Questions

Should Blue Eyes Use Brown or Black Mascara?

It often depends on your own preference. Black or brown can work well with blue eyes regardless. If you prefer a more bold look opt for black but if you prefer a more subtle and natural look go for brown.

How Do You Make Blue Eyes Pop with Mascara?

Often opting for black mascara is a great way to make your eyes really pop. Also, adding a winged eyeliner can make a big difference in it looking even more special.

Should Blue Eyes Go with Blue Mascara?

Blue mascara often doesn’t go too well with blue eyes. The exception would be a darker blue mascara which can work quite well. A brighter blue mascara often won’t go well with blue eyes because it’s often paired with more fair skin which usually doesn’t compliment or contrast the skin or the blue eyes well.

How Do I Know What Color Mascara to Use?

Usually choosing a color that compliments both your eyes and skin color is a good idea. For example if you have more pale skin then opting for a darker mascara often is a good contrast to the skin. If you have darker skin then you can often opt for brighter and more vibrant colors more easily.

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