Choosing the Best Lipstick for Tanned Skin

red lipstick on tanned woman

When it comes to choosing the best lipstick for tanned skin, it’s important we first understand the undertones in your own skin and how they play an important role in getting the perfect lipstick to compliment your tan.

Tanned skin usually has warm, yellow undertones including anything from peachy, to olive, to golden.

Considering this, it is key to check and see whether your veins appear green or blue in natural light, to know if you have a warm or cool undertone respectively.

In this article, we will cover how to distinguish undertones and go over the best lipstick shades for tan skin: nude, red, and brown.  

Undertones in Lipstick

Just like our skin lipsticks also have their own undertones. Finding the right color and undertone here to compliment your own is the secret to getting the perfect lipstick.

Cooler lipstick shades will have purple, pink, or red in them whereas warmer colors typically have orange, yellow, or peach.

Anyone who has studied art can tell you that it is more complicated than that but when it comes to lipstick for tanned skin, this is the general idea.

This is why there is a handy experiment which you should read here you can try by switching different hues on your wrist to try and notice the differences. First, start by comparing and distinguishing cool and warm undertones, then you can use the same technique to find the best shade.

For example, if you have a warm undertone you want to choose a lipstick also with a warm undertone. To help you figure out your undertones check below.

Cool undertones – pink and blue undertones

Warm undertones – yellow and golden undertones

Olive undertones – yellow and green undertones

Neutral undertones – green and red undertones

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer creamy, glossy, or matte lipstick, as long as the hues and undertones match your own.

Now that we have covered that we will cover our favorite lipstick colors below and what skin tones they will work best with.

Nude Lipstick

One of the best lipsticks colors for tan skin is nude. It just looks good all the time, no matter the occasion. Whether you have light, medium, or dark tanned skin a nude shade with undertones of caramel, brown, or peach will make your skin glow.

Essentially, the deeper your tanned complexion is, the deeper the shade you can choose.

For cool undertones, it’s better to go for nude shades that are heavier on red, pink, or purple.  

We Recommend: Maybelline Nude Lust Lipstick

Red Lipstick

Arguably the best lip color for tan skin is red. I’m sure we all know that wearing a red lip is a statement of its own, so it is important that the shade works with your tan and not against it, seeing as it becomes the center of attention.

Since tanned skin usually has a warm undertone, bright and vibrant shades of red with yellow notes in them are best, such as pomegranate, cardinal, and candy apple red.

If your veins appear blue in natural light, then you’ll want to compliment your undertone with shades of red that also have blue undertones like claret or burgundy.

We Recommend: Maybelline RED FOR ME Lipstick

Brown Liptick

Brown shades that are rich in yellow and orange, such as warm nut colors or butterscotch, look incredible no matter if your tan is light, medium, or dark.

In addition, a shade of brown that has orange-red notes can really spice up your look.

The same idea for nude shades can apply here; the deeper your tan is, the darker you can experiment.

We Recommend: L’Oreal Paris Satin Lipstick

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Whether your skin is tanned with the sun, spray tan, sunbeds, or otherwise, you need to wear colors that match your undertone.

If you have a warm undertone, wear warm hues and if your undertone is cool, choose shades that have cool notes in them. For more on this check our guide – makeup for tanned skin – ultimate guide.

Can You Put Makeup on Over a Spray Tan?

You can wear makeup after a spray tan after a minimum of three hours have passed so that the tanning solution can set properly.

Should You Spray Tan Your Face?

As long as it is done correctly, it is safe to spray tan or even self-tan your face and should be done in order to balance out your skin tone overall.

How Do You Fake Tan Around Your Lips?

It’s best if you want to prevent unwanted staining, use petroleum jelly or beauty balm to protect areas such as your lips and eyebrows when tanning your face.

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