What is a Bronzing Bed? (Vs Tanning Beds)

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Here we want to talk about what bronzing beds are and how they compare to tanning beds. Their very popular counterpart.

A bronzing bed is basically a type of tanning bed that uses UV lamps to darken and tan the skin. Though the light emitted from UV bulbs is different from the ones you find in regular tanning beds. For example, bronzing beds use a different balance of UV lights which penetrates deeper into the skin and allows for a longer lasting tan.

Below we will break down what a bronzing bed is in more detail below, along with a comparison with tanning beds too.

What is a Bronzing Bed?

A bronzing bed is basically a kind of tanning bed that is used to darken the skin and give a rich color to your skin similar to that of a tanning bed.

The bronzing bulbs that are used in a bronzing bed are the main difference when compared with a regular tanning bed because they emit a different kind of UV light that penetrates deeper into the skin and gives a deeper and more intense tan.

Bronzing Bed Vs Tanning Bed

A bronzing bed may seem much the same as a regular tanning bed on the surface. But the main and most important difference is the kind of bulbs that are used. We will compare bronzing beds with the more popular kind of regular tanning beds to help you understand how each work and the differences between them.

The first thing we should talk about is UV rays and why it’s important.

There are 2 different types of UV rays, namely UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays will penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays.

UVB rays primarily affect only the surface level of the skin – these rays are also the ones that are more likely to cause sunburn or reddening of the skin.

When the UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin this causes something known as oxidation which causes an effect with the melanin in your skin which in turn causes the darkening of the skin.

The more UVB rays that are emitted the more likely your skin will have a red coloring to it. Whereas more UVA rays will make your tan deeper and more brown because of how it penetrates into the skin as we mentioned before.

Bronzing beds use less UVB and more UVA whereas normal tanning beds use more UVB rays and less UVA rays. Therefore, normal tanning beds are better for building up that initial base tan whereas bronzing beds are better for getting a longer lasting and deeper tan.

It’s worth mentioning that bronzing beds will create a darker tan than normal tanning beds. But the tan that is developed will take more time to be developed as compared with normal tanning beds.

When it comes to using bronzing beds it is actually recommended to have a base tan before using them. Because of how the tan is developed and the UV rays that are used.

Generally, it is considered that bronzing beds are less likely to burn your skin. That’s because the rays penetrate deeper into the skin instead of focusing on the surface skin like regular tanning beds.

Overall normal tanning beds are considered the best choice for beginners or people with more fair skin and for people you want a faster but lighter tan. Whereas bronzing beds are ideal for more experienced tanners that want a deeper and longer lasting tan.

Important Related Questions

Is A Bronzing Bed Better?

A bronzing bed may be argued to be better than a tanning bed because it’s less likely to cause skin irritation or burning. Though typically using a regular tanning bed first to build up a base tan is recommended before using a bronzing bed.

How Often Should You Use a Bronzing Bed?

Just like regular tanning beds it’s recommended to use a bronzing bed up to 3 times per week but usually 2 times per week is more than often enough to maintain and/or develop a deeper tan.

How Long Should You Stay in a Bronzing Bed?

This will depend on the exact kind of bronzing bed you are using. Always ask for the advice and recommendations from the tanning salons staff to know what the best amount of time to start with is.

Are Bronzing Beds Safer?

Generally bronzing beds are considered safer because they emit less UVB rays than normal tanning beds. UVB rays are the more likely to cause skin irritation or burning so bronzing beds use more less of these kinds of UV rays.

Can You Get Burnt in a Bronzing Bed?

It is still possible to get burnt in a bronzing bed, but it is much less likely when compared with regular tanning beds.

How Long Does It Take It Get Tan in a Bronzing Bed?

Usually, it is recommended to get an initial base tan with a normal tanning bed. Once you have that initial base tan then you should use a bronzing bed to build up that tan even further to make it deeper and longer lasting.

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