Can You Go Tanning Two Days in a Row?

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There are times when you wish to flaunt that dark skin, but there isn’t enough time to achieve it. In such situations, it is natural to come to the solution of going tanning for two days together to get the desired level of tan. 

But, can you go tanning two days in a row? The quick and direct answer to this question is yes; you can go for tanning two days consecutively but only under certain circumstances. It is ideal to wait for 24-48 hours between the sessions to minimize the risk of skin damage.

In case you need to tan quickly and are wondering about scheduling tanning sessions two days in a row, read on how you can do it safely! 

Is It Possible to Go Tanning 2 Days in a Row?

Given the recent popularity of tanning, there are numerous ways available today that can help you develop a darker skin tone. While some methods can give you the desired results within a few minutes, you might need to spend hours on other methods.

You will even require more than one session with some methods to develop a tan. But whether you can go for tanning two days in a row or not depends on the method you opt for.

Below I will talk about the different kinds of tanning and if you can go tanning 2 days in a row with each method:

Outdoor Tanning:

The most convenient and budget-friendly method of tanning is by lounging outside in the sunlight. UV radiation from the sunlight has both UVA and UVB rays, which can help darken your skin tone.

When the rays from the sun reach your skin, it penetrates deep within the layer to reach the last layer of the epidermis. The radiation interacts with the cells called melanocytes and triggers the production of melanin. Melanin is the brown pigment that is responsible for the darkening of your skin and causing a tan. 

Sunlight is not only an excellent source of Vitamin D but can offer a few benefits to your health. You can keep changing your position frequently to develop an even tan on your body.

However, there is also a wide array of risks associated with it. This makes it imperative to be extremely cautious while tanning in the sun and take necessary precautions.

You must use sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin against harmful UV radiation. Besides that, you must also use a lip balm to ensure the delicate skin of your lips doesn’t get damaged. Make sure you also stay hydrated while lounging outside and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

We Recommend:

Sunscreen: Sun Bum Original SPF 30

Lip Balm: EltaMD UV Lip Balm


–          Hassle-free method of tanning

–          Inexpensive


–          Takes time to develop a dark tan

–          Risk of sunburns

Can You Tan Twice in Two Days (sun tanning) :

Can you tan everyday in the sun? Yes, you can do it. Avoid spending more than 1.5 hours in the sun at a stretch to prevent skin damage. While the sun rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm, the best time to tan is before 10 in the morning or post 4 pm to stay safe.

The threshold for people will vary, depending on their skin type and tone. People with fair skin can tan more quickly and are more prone to get sunburns; whereas, people who already have a tan or dark skin might need more time. 

Tanning Beds:

Tanning beds, also known as sunbeds, are among the most preferred methods by tanning enthusiasts. The bed consists of UV lamps or bulbs that replicate the ultraviolet radiation of the sun to help you develop a dark tan. It gives a tan similar to the natural one without stepping into the sun.


–          Convenient and can be used at any time.

–          Control over the time you spend and the results.


–          More expensive than natural tanning.

–          Might not work for people who have sensitive skin.

Can You Tan Twice in Two Days (tanning bed):

While you can schedule your appointment for tanning bed the next after your first one, it is advised not to tan consecutively for two days. Frequent sessions in a tanning bed can adversely impact your skin, leading to burns and even premature aging.

If you’re wondering about how long to wait between tanning sessions, it’s best to give a gap of 36-48 hours. It will ensure you can develop a dark tan without harming your skin and health. 

Self Tanning/Spray Tans:

When it comes to artificial tanning, spray tans tend to work wonders. It is a solution that is sprayed on your skin to give you an artificial tan.

The active ingredient of the spray tan solution is DHA. It is a chemical that reacts with the amino acid present in the dead skin cells in the topmost layer of your epidermis. Due to this reaction, your skin gets a temporary tan that can last for 7-10 days.

We Recommend: St. Tropez Self Tan Mist


–          Saves time and efforts

–          Even and smooth tanned look


–          Short term tan

–          Can prove expensive in the long run

Can You Tan Twice in Two Days:

There are strict rules and regulations by the FDA that governs how often you can get spray tan. The rules ensure that the user is overexposing themselves and prevent any health issues or severe skin damage.

How often do you go tanning? Well, it is wise to stick to the 24-hour rule. The rule prohibits the tanning salon and the user from scheduling another spray tan appointment within 24 hours of the first one. You will have to wait for that period and only then go for another spray tan session to improve or darken your tan. 

Related Questions:

Do You Have to Wait 24 hours to Tan Again?

It is advised to wait for 24 hours before you decide to go tan again in most cases. However, when it comes to spray tanning, it is mandated by the FDA to schedule another tanning session only 24 hours after the first tanning session. 

Can You Go On a Sunbed 3 Days in a Row?

Tanning with a sunbed for 3 days in a row can overexpose your skin to the harmful effects of UV radiation. You must avoid using a tanning bed continuously for days. It’s best to give a gap of 3-5 days between your appointments. 

How Long Should You Wait Between Tanning Sessions?

The ideal time period to wait between tanning sessions depends primarily on the method you choose. You must skip your tanning bed sessions for 36-48 hours at least to protect your skin as well as overall health.  

For spray tans, you must wait for 24 hours for the next appointment. You can get a natural tan from the sun daily after taking all precautions. 

Should You Shower After Tanning?

No, you must avoid showering right after the tanning appointment. Give your skin a few hours to react with the radiation or chemical to develop a tan. Washing the tan early might lead to uneven tan and undesirable results. 

What Happens if You Tan Within 24 Hours?

The skin needs 24 hours to not only process but also build the tan. If you tan again without waiting for 24 hours, you risk overexposing your skin to radiation or chemicals. It might cause irritation, burns, premature aging, and severe skin damage. 

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