How to Clean a Tanning Mitt

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Tanning mitts are made with skin-friendly fabric, namely velvet – and its ultra-softness helps a great deal when it comes to applying tanning lotion. To maintain and prolong the lifespan of this soft outer fabric and sustain an even looking tan simultaneously, it needs to be cleaned frequently.

Although it is possible to just toss your tanning mitt in the washing machine on a 30° wash, you should be very careful because your mitt can come out shrunk and/or misshapen, even more so if it is a cheaper one.

Regardless of the quality though, putting it in the washing machine is not practical unless you want everything else along with it to come out stained tan as well.

All you really need to do is use warm water and some gentle soap to clean your mitt; just be sure never to use hot water when cleaning it as that would be a tad too harsh.

Now let me delve into it a bit more and cover a few important questions on the matter.

Are You Supposed to Wash Your Tanning Mitt?

Before we talk about how to wash your tanning mitt it’s important to know if you are actually supposed to do it:

It is imperative to wash your tanning mitt as often as you use it to guarantee a streak-free tan whilst also prolonging the lifespan of the mitt itself.

This is to get any of the remaining tanning solution out of the mitt and clean the surface fibers, which can be done by merely caressing it gently under warm running water.

How Often Should You Wash Your Tanning Mitt?

As for how often, the general rule of thumb is the same as for makeup brushes, after each use. The cleaning process is even easier to do when it’s done regularly and not long after use, so hand washing it with a bit of soap really isn’t an issue.

How to Wash Your Tanning Mitt

Gentle soap can help with getting any stubborn stains out, but you don’t need to use any harsh soap or detergents under any circumstances. Such products are too harsh on the mitt and can cause damage to its shape and, more importantly for a perfect tan, its soft finish.

Regardless of whether you clean your tanning mitt religiously, frequent tanners need to replace their mitts about every three months or so. If you don’t use it all that much though, every six months or more is fine.

How to Dry Your Tanning Mitt

Make sure you wring out any excess water from the tanning mitt once it’s clean and reshape it so that it’s back in its original condition once it dries and is ready to be used.

Only air dry your mitt because dryers can cause the mitt to shrink or, even worse, rip and tear.

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