How To Get a Golden Tan, Not Brown

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Are you tired of getting a brown tan instead of the golden glow you desire?

Fear not, because in this article, we will provide you with helpful tips on how to get a golden tan, not brown, for different tanning methods.

Whether you prefer natural sun exposure, tanning beds, or self-tanners, we’ve got you covered.

How To Get a Golden Tan Naturally

The pursuit of a golden tan naturally is an attractive option for those who prefer to steer clear of chemical-infused tanning products. The key to this approach lies in the understanding of carotenoids’ role.

Carotenoids are pigments found predominantly in fruits and vegetables, responsible for their vibrant colors. When consumed, they accumulate in the skin, causing a golden hue.

This coloring is subtly different from the browner tones seen from sun exposure or tanning beds, giving a healthy, radiant glow. Here’s how to achieve this golden tan naturally:

• Consume foods rich in beta-carotene like carrots, sweet potatoes, and apricots. These foods are high in carotenoids, which are converted to vitamin A in the body, promoting healthy skin and the golden hue you desire.

• Immerse yourself in natural sunlight, but with caution: always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Sunlight helps stimulate the skin’s natural melanin production – the pigment responsible for tanning. However, uncontrolled exposure may lead to brown tanning and can cause harm through UV radiation.

• Tanning oil can be used to quicken the tanning process. It works by attracting and focusing UV rays onto the skin, increasing melanin production.

• Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. This ensures that your tan develops evenly on a fresh layer of skin.

• Hydrating your skin daily is essential to maintain its health. A well-moisturized skin tans better and helps maintain the golden glow for longer.

Tanning Bed: Considerations and Tips

Tanning beds offer a quicker, yet risky, alternative for acquiring a golden tan. Here’s how to mitigate risks and aim for that desired glow:

• Select a tanning lotion that complements your skin tone and aligns with your color goal. This can aid in tanning your skin to a more golden hue instead of a brown one.

• Regular yet measured tanning sessions can help. Limit duration and frequency to manage overexposure and prevent the skin from reaching the deeper, browner tan stages or causing burns.

• Apply sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging or even skin cancer.

• After tanning, moisturizing your skin can prevent dryness or peeling, keeping the skin nourished and prolonging the golden tan.

Self-Tanner or Spray Tan: Directions and Suggestions

For those who wish to circumvent UV radiation’s adverse effects, spray tanning or self-tanners offer a great solution. They function by reacting with the top layer of dead skin cells, darkening them to mimic a tan. Here’s how to attain a golden tan with them:

• Pick a self-tanner product that best suits your skin type and preference. Different formulations, such as sprays, gels, mousse, foams, or gradual tanners, offer different results and levels of control. For spray tanning be sure to ask your spray tan technician.

Exfoliating your skin before application helps remove any dead skin cell accumulation, preventing uneven or dark spots and enabling a smoother, more golden result.

• Moisturize your skin before and after the tans application to keep it smooth and nourished, which can help achieve a more even golden tan.

• You can also mix tanner with a moisturizer to lessen the intensity of the color and acquire a subtler golden glow.

• Applying the self-tanner in a uniform and cautious manner will help evade streaks or patches, ensuring a natural-looking golden tan.


In conclusion, getting a golden tan, not brown, is possible with the right approach and products. Whether you prefer natural sun exposure, tanning beds, or self-tanners, the key is to take precautions, choose the right products, and be patient.

Remember to wear sunscreen and moisturize your skin regularly to keep it healthy and glowing. With these tips, you can achieve the golden tan of your dreams.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get the Perfect Golden Tan?

To get the perfect golden tan, you need to choose the right tanning method that suits your skin type and preference. Whether you prefer natural sun exposure, tanning beds, or self-tanners, the key is to use the right products, take precautions, and be patient.

Remember to wear sunscreen and moisturize your skin regularly to keep it healthy and glowing.

How Do You Get Rid Of Sun Tan Brown?

To get rid of sun tan brown, you need to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells that cause uneven or dark spots.

You can also use skin-lightening products that contain ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, or arbutin. Remember to wear sunscreen and moisturize your skin to prevent further damage.

How Do You Make Fake Tan Brown Not Orange?

To make fake tan brown not orange, you need to choose the right product that suits your skin type and preference. Look for self-tanners that contain natural ingredients and avoid those with harsh chemicals. Before applying the product, exfoliate your skin and moisturize it to create an even base. Apply the product evenly and carefully and wait for it to dry completely before getting dressed.

Can Anyone Get a Golden Tan?

Yes, anyone can get a golden tan, but the process may vary depending on your skin type, natural skin color, and tanning method.

It’s important to choose the right product and take precautions to avoid overexposure or burns.

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