Magic Eraser to Remove a Spray Tan (Does it Really Work?)

magic eraser

You might have heard of the “hack” where you can use one of them cleaning pads that are known as magic erasers to help remove spray tan on the skin. But does it really work?

Yes a magic eraser does really work to help remove tan but should only be used on a rare occasion or on an area of your skin where you are struggling to get off the spray tan.

Let me break that down below in more detail.

Does Magic Eraser Remove Fake Tan?

If you didn’t know magic erasers are a cleaning product that are used to help remove stains usually around the house. They are made from a melamine sponge. A melamine sponge is made from a base of white crystals. The sponge itself it a bit rough and has almost like a softer sand paper like texture. Of course, this is made so it can easily remove stains and can be used as a scrub around the home.  

Because of how the magic eraser is formulated it is great and effective at removing stains. This same principle applies to removing a spray tan color from your skin. It’s actually quite effective at it too.

Of course, if you use a magic eraser on your skin it will help to remove any spray tan or tan color you might have. It basically acts like an exfoliator on your skin which also helps to remove color and stains. If you are to use it the secret is to be gentle with it as it is quite exfoliating and abrasive on your skin.

It’s important to note that while it might be affective at helping to remove a spray tan it should not be used as a regular spray tan remover. The reason for this is because the magic eraser is not formulated to be used on the skin. This increases the chances of skin irritation. Therefore, if you want to try a magic eraser on your skin to remove tan we first recommend using products that are designed to remove a tan from your skin or use techniques like we covered here in more detail.

If that hasn’t worked you can then try to use the magic eraser. Ideally it would be best to first start with a small patch test to make sure it will not cause irritation or a reaction on your skin. Then wait a day and proceed to use the magic eraser the following day if no reaction to your skin was noticed.

Overall if you are considering to use a magic eraser on your skin we first recommend to try using the normal and more common techniques to remove a tan. If they haven’t worked or you have a stubborn bit of spray tan that needs removed then you can try a magic eraser to help remove it.

Keep in mind that magic erasers are not meant to be used on the skin so really this should be used on occasion and not used often as to prevent any skin damage that might happen over time.

Important Related Questions

Does Magic Eraser Remove Fake Tan?

Yes a magic eraser can help to remove a spray tan and is surprisingly effective at it. It basically acts as an exfoliator and stain remover which is good at helping to remove a fake tan.

How Do You Remove Spray Tan ASAP?

Usually, a great way to remove a spray tan is by exfoliating the skin usually while showering. If this doesn’t work you can try to use a magic eraser as a onetime fix.

What Removes Fake Tan Easy?

If you have already tried showering and exfoliating then you can try using a spray tan remover such as the St. Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Remover. It is an affordable option that is really effective at helping to remove a fake tan that is stubborn and cannot be removed as easily as you might like.

Is It Bad to Use a Magic Eraser on Skin?

A magic eraser can be used on the skin though really is it not a good option especially in the long run. It may be okay to use a magic eraser at least on occasion to help remove stains from the skin though it should not be something that you do regularly to help remove a tan.

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