Nude Tanning – The Ultimate Guide on Naked Tanning

tanning nude

Nude tanning has a bad name amongst some circles of people, but it shouldn’t! The stereotype of nudists is false, and naked tanning is actually a great experience.

You can tan naked outdoors under the sun, or you can use tanning beds naked. The most important things are to make sure it is allowed and protect sensitive areas of your body. Other than that, you’re pretty much good to go!

If you are worried about tan lines or simply feel more comfortable being naked, this article will tell you all about how to tan naked, and some things to consider if you are planning on tanning in the nude.

Why Tan Naked?

There are two main reasons why people choose to tan naked – tan lines, and comfort.

Tan lines are the lines or patches on your skin that don’t tan, as a result of being covered by your clothing, swimming costume or underwear. Some people like the look of tan lines, but others want an even, all-over bronzed color and find tan lines to be limiting in what you can wear. Also removing tan lines can take quite some effort.

The most common lines that people want to avoid are on the chest and shoulders, caused by wearing a swimsuit or a bikini with straps. If you want to eliminate these tan lines but feel nervous about tanning naked, a strapless bikini is a great place to start.

This won’t help, however, with the other reason that people tan naked – comfort. People say that once you’ve sunbathed naked, you will never go back to sunbathing with clothes on. Compact clothing like a swimsuit can be uncomfortable under the heat of the sun, and even cause allergic reactions in some people through reacting with sweat.

Tanning nude means there is no fabric to rub against your body, or to create heat pockets and make you sweat more. On top of this, people say that tanning naked is emotionally liberating and a great way to connect with our raw, nature-driven selves.

Tanning Naked Under the Sun

If you love tanning outdoors under the sun and want to try doing it naked, it can be a wonderful experience. So, here are my tips for tanning nude in the sun.

Firstly, if you are out in public, make sure that being naked is in line with the laws in that area. There are nudist beaches dotted all over the place, and usually sectioned off with clear signposts.

If you are unsure if you are allowed to be naked, have a look online to check for spots in your area. Unfortunately, the norm is for it not to be okay, so if you can’t find any information online, assume that you need to keep clothes on and pop on a bikini. People still find naked bodies confronting (even though we all have them) so it’s best to stick to the law when tanning naked in public.

On the other hand, more and more places are becoming tolerant of tanning topless. So, even on a normal beach, if you keep your bikini bottoms on, it will mostly be fine to go without a top. Bottomless sunbathing, however, is less widely accepted, so it’s better to look for a designated nudist area here.

If you do find a nudist area or beach, make sure you feel comfortable there. My experience of nudist beaches has been overwhelmingly positive. Other people using the nudist beach have never made me feel uncomfortable, because they were there doing exactly what I was doing – getting my tan on and minding my own business. Unfortunately, however, I have also experienced lingering dog-walkers and sometimes people looking over the beach with bad intentions.

If you are nervous about being naked in a public space (totally understandable to feel that way) go with someone that you trust. Being naked with friends might sound strange, but it is so much easier to laugh off a creep when you are not alone. If you can’t find someone to go with you, make sure at least one person knows exactly where you are and when to get worried if you don’t call.

This is not to put you off visiting a nudist beach. Bad experiences are very unlikely, but it is important to remember that they are possible.

If you have private outdoor space, you can avoid nudist beaches and just use your garden!

Whilst you are choosing to sunbathe naked to avoid tan lines, it is still worth taking care of sensitive areas of your body – notably your nipples and genitals. Either cover them completely or expose them for short periods of time at first, with high-factor sunscreen to protect them. Skin in these areas is more likely to burn, which is not what we want here.

Other than that, lay back and enjoy the feeling of the sun and breeze in areas that don’t normally get to feel it!

Tanning Naked in a Sunbed

Sunbeds are a hugely popular method of tanning. People choose to visit sunbeds in the winter, when maintaining a tan from the sun is more difficult. People also visit sunbeds to save time – ten minutes on a sunbed will be equivalent to about an hour in the sun, so if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to tanning, it’s a good option.

Using sunbeds naked is a great way to avoid tan lines. There are a few things to consider, just like if you are tanning naked in sunlight, which we will explore now.

Firstly, make sure that your tanning salon allows people to use sunbeds nude. Most salons do not have a problem with this, but it is worth double checking with them!

You will also probably want to know about the salon’s hygiene regime if you are planning to use the sunbeds naked. If you are visiting a new salon for the first time, ask them about disinfection procedures between clients. Online reviews are also a great way to find out this information. If people are unhappy, you will be sure they have written about it online.

Hygiene procedures are especially important because you are considering using the beds naked; therefore, it is even more crucial to know you are being looked after, hygiene-wise.

So, you’ve found the perfect salon, can you just jump straight on? Hold up there! There are a couple more things to think about first.

Your eyes need to be protected when using a sunbed. The concentration of UV rays is so strong that closing your eyes will not be enough, because your eyelids are thin, and the rays will penetrate through. This is a serious thing and could lead to health and vision problems in the future, if not immediately.

If you are using a sunbed, always wear UV protection goggles or stickers. Most salons provide these, but check with them first, and buy a pair of goggles to re-use if you are planning on using sunbeds a lot. With goggles on, it is safe to open your eyes whilst you are using the bed. For more information on this – what to wear in a tanning bed.

Your nipples are also a sensitive part of the body and so are prone to burning. It’s not imperative to cover your nipples, but especially if you are new to sunbeds and your skin is not accustomed to the concentrated UV rays, consider using nipple patties that you stick to yourself and will protect the sensitive skin. Also consider covering other areas of sensitive skin. For more on nipple tanning check our article – nipple tanning explained.

Using nipple patties to cover your nipples or other sensitive areas will not give you tan lines in the same way that a bikini would, but stop the skin from burning, and later flaking, and being permanently damaged.

Finally, think about lotion. There are several products on the market to use on your skin whilst on a sunbed, including tan accelerators and prolongers. Again, most salons offer tester packs of these lotions, so experiment with a few to find one that works for you.

Even if you don’t mind too much about accelerating your tan with a specific lotion, smooth and hydrated skin tans much better. So, use a lotion, even if just for the skin hydration. Just make sure it is safe to use on sunbeds.

Now you can climb in and enjoy your minutes of pure relaxation in the sunbed, in the nude, without a worry (and definitely no worries about tan lines) in the world.

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