Substitutes for Tanning Goggles (tanning without goggles safe?)

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If you are going for a tanning bed session and don’t have any tanning goggles you might be wondering of substitutes to use in the meantime.

The best substitutes for tanning goggles are either sunglasses with complete UV protection or tanning stickers. Both are not perfect by any means and should only be used on the off occasion that you don’t have access to tanning goggles that day.

Below we will go into these substitutes and what you need to know being using them yourself.

Best Substitutes for Tanning Goggles

As we briefly mentioned the best 2 substitutes for tanning goggles are either sunglasses with a high UV protection or tanning stickers which can be applied directly on the eyes.

Sunglasses with a high UV protection are your best choice if you need some eye protection for your next tanning bed session.

The important thing to mention here is to wear glasses that offer complete UV protection. You ideally want glasses that offer 100% UVA/UVB radiation protection. Some glasses even offer 100% UV 400 protection which is the top line of eye protection when it comes to sunglasses.

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Just make sure the glasses offer at least 100% UV protection. Also, it’s very important you wear glasses that wrap around your head. Ones that wrap around will keep your eyes completely protected than ones that sit out.

Because light emits from basically all angles in a tanning bed this is why wrap around sunglasses are a must.

Remember to keep your eyes closed as the eyelids also offer some protection against the tanning bed light.

Of course, as you might have expected if you were to do this often, it could lead to tanning lines on your face due to wearing the sun glasses, but they won’t be visible when only doing it once or twice. Keep in mind you should only be using these alternatives on an off chance. Their protection is never as good as real tanning goggles.

Your other option is tanning stickers. These comes in circle shapes that can be placed over the eyes while using the tanning bed.

They stick to your eye or sit on it and offer protection during your tanning session. Chances are though if you have to order them and wait you’d just be better getting some tanning goggles instead, but if you or your tanning salon have some they are a decent alternative until you get access to tanning googles.

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While it is okay to use these substitutes once in a while you should always look into getting some tanning goggles.

This is because tanning goggles offer the best protection and are designed for the job at hand. Tanning goggles not only protect the eyes but also prevent any tan lines and are completely comfortable to wear.

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Interesting Related Questions

Can I Tan Without Goggles?

It’s not safe to tan without goggles or some eye protection as closing your eyelids does not offer complete protection to your eyes. Therefore, you should always add another layer of protection to keep your eyes protected as best as possible before going in the tanning bed.

What Happens if You Don’t Wear Goggles Tanning?

If you don’t wear indoor tanning eye protection it could lead to problems with your eyes and more serious issues if done regularly. It’s highly recommended to avoid tanning without goggles or some eye protection.

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