Tan Before or After a Workout? (Pros and cons of each)

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If you want to get your workout on and also your tan you might be wondering what’s the best order to do it in and why.

It’s best to go for your workout before you tan. This applies to all forms of tanning including sun tanning, tanning beds, spray tanning and even self-tanning.

The reason why for each is slightly different and there are a few important details you should know before which we will cover below.

Is It Better to Tan Before or After a Workout?

It’s best to tan after a workout. The reason for this is different for each form of tanning though which we will explain.

If you are going for a regular tanning session either in the sun or using a tanning bed it’s best to do that after your workout.

The main reason we recommend this is often after a tanning session you will feel tired from the time spent in the sun or tanning bed. This is not ideal if you want to go for a workout afterwards when your energy is lower.

Also, if you have been sweating before for these kinds of tanning it won’t affect how your tan develops so you don’t need to have any concern about that.

It’s worth mentioning that you can go straight from the workout into sun tanning or a tanning bed. Unlike other tanning methods where you should wait some time.

Also, from a mental perspective it’s nice to have done the workout beforehand and then you can really enjoy your tanning session knowing you have been productive before.

Some people have a theory working out before can help improve or speed up the tanning session. That’s because your pores are open after a workout and your blood circulation is improved too, and finally your body has warmed up even before the tanning has begun.

Can I Tan After a Spray Tan / Self Tanner?

The second area of tanning that is also important to mention here is both spray tanning and self-tanning.

Just like normal tanning we recommend opting to go for a spray tan or self-tanner after your workout.

The main difference here is that you must wait until you have stopped sweating before going for these tanning options. That’s because the sweat can cause the tan to become patchy or uneven.

If you are going for a spray tan or self-tanner we suggest doing your workout as normal. Once you have stopped sweating take your shower and dry yourself off with a towel. Then allow another 10-20 minutes to air dry completely.

Once that’s done it’s now the perfect time to have your spray tan or apply self-tanner. Because you have just had your shower your skin will be more dry. More dry skin is ideal for applying these products because it allows for better absorption into your skin better which makes for the best looking tan once it has fully developed.

What to Do If You Have Tanned and Want to Workout?

Of course, if you have just tanned and want to do a workout you can but there are a couple things you should know first.

If you went tanning in the sun or using a tanning bed you are free to go for a workout immediately after if you prefer. It will not have any effect on your tan.

If you have went for a spray tan or used self-tanner you should wait before going for a workout.

A typical spray tan or self-tanner needs time to develop, so if you where to go for any exercise or workout and starting sweating during that development time you could end up with a streaky looking tan.

The secret here is to avoid any strenuous workout soon after a spray tan or using self-tanner. Because these products can take up to 12 hours to develop because of something included called DHA. it’s best to avoid any strenuous exercise during that initial 12 hour period. After the first 2 hours of drying, you can do some light workouts like walking or light stretching. Just be aware if you are sweating it could mess up your tan’s development.

For more on this check our article – can your sweat after a spray tan.

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