Why Do Bodybuilders Tan So Much?

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If you’ve ever attended a bodybuilding contest or seen the pictures of one, you might have noticed how deeply tanned the contestants are. It’s not just heavy bodybuilders, but every female and male bodybuilder participating.

Do you wonder why do bodybuilders tan? The main reason is to outline their muscles, but there are also plenty of other reasons. Read on to find out the reasons why bodybuilders opt to tan. 

Why Do Bodybuilders Tan?

For many years, bodybuilders have been flaunting a tanned body, be it on stage or off it. While natural tanning was more prevalent before, now they are opting for a bodybuilding spray tan. Here are five reasons why bodybuilders prefer the tanned look:

Defines the Muscles:

The first and also the most prominent reason that makes tanning a hit among bodybuilders is that it can help define the muscles. Spray tan consisting of bronzer and DHA tends to put more focus on finer details like muscle striations as well as the intricate feathering of obliques.

Since the tan gives your body a darker color, it makes their muscles appear bigger and the body more toned. This is something that most bodybuilders aspire for when they are participating in a competition. 

Makes Them Look Thinner:

Bodybuilders spend years trying to reduce body fat and increasing the time and weights at the gym to ensure their muscles are visible even when they aren’t flexing. Like dark clothes, tanning can also make one appear skinnier. A dark tan can help them look leaner since the dark color brings attention to the obliques and transverse muscles in the abdomen.

It can help give the illusion of slimness as it helps hide creases and fold into your body where you might not want them. The slimming effect works on almost every body type, so you don’t have to have heavy muscles to benefit from it. Men who are into bodybuilding can prepare to get a tan to look leaner.

Covers Blemishes:

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or not, it is safe to assume that you would want to look good. The feeling will be heightened when you have to step on the stage and get judged solely on the basis of how you look. Hence, another reason why bodybuilders tan is to look flawless on stage.  

Blemishes, scars, stretch marks, and tattoos can hamper their overall look. While it might not affect the chances of winning, it can surely bring down the aesthetics. Getting a spray tan helps covers up all the stretch marks, blemishes, and imperfections to give an even skin tone. It might even work as an extra boost of confidence that might help them win! 

Contrasts the Stage Lights:

The lights on stage are extremely bright. For someone who is pale or has a light skin tone, it can become difficult for the judges, viewers, or even the cameras to see you. It is similar to how light-colored objects often disappear under bright lights.  

Getting a dark and deep tan can help bodybuilders become more visible on the stage under the bright lights. They might even get better pictures and be visible to the audience. 

Makes Them Look Better:

While the idea of what looks good is quite subjective, a majority of people from the bodybuilding industry are of the opinion that tan makes one look more aesthetic. The bodybuilders and athletes who wish to look good or at least a certain way often go for tanning before competitions to highlight spray tan muscles. 

Related Questions:

Why Do Black Bodybuilders Tan?

Yes, black bodybuilders also opt to tan. It can help them get an even look and cover up any scars or blemishes and improve their overall appearance. 

What Do Body Builders Use to Tan?

Tanning is quite prevalent among professional bodybuilders and athletes. They get spray tans to define their muscles, look leaner, and cover up any imperfections especially under the bright lights of a contest etc.

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