Tanning After Microblading – Should You Do it?

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If you have just been for a recent microblading session and are wondering if you should tan after we have you covered.

After your microblading session you should not go tanning immediately or soon after. Ideally we recommend no tanning within 1 week after microblading at a minimum. This means limiting any time in the sun not just for tanning.

Below we will delve deeper into this to help explain all the important details on tanning after microblading, including spray tans and tanning beds as well as sun tanning.

Tanning After Microblading – What to Do?

If you have recently had microblading it’s important to limit any form of sun exposure especially tanning. The same thing applies to tanning beds and spray tanning as well.

For the first week it’s essential to limit any UV exposure. It’s also important to note you shouldn’t put any sunscreen on your eyebrows either.

For the first week you should keep your eye brows area clear of any products like sunscreen.

These recommendations are there to allow time for your skin to heal properly before exposing it, particularly to UV rays in the sun or tanning beds.

After the initial 7 days you are free to go tanning but we recommend protecting your eyebrows with a strong SPF 30 or more cream like EltaMD UV Sport Lotion. This will not only protect them from the UV rays but also will protect them from fading.

If you are outside for longer periods of time it’s also recommended to wear a hat to protect your eyebrows from the sun.

Keep in mind some microblading providers might suggest avoiding any kind of tanning for longer than 1 weeks’ time. If you still have sensitivity around your eyebrows after 1 week, we recommend waiting an additional week to allow for further healing.  If after 2 weeks you still notice anything unusual we suggest you contact your clinic for further guidance before tanning.

Spray Tan After Microblading

If you have recently been for a microblading session it’s understandable you want to be cautious after your procedure.

It’s recommended you avoid any form of spray tanning or even self-tanning for at least 1 week.

If after 1 week you notice your eyebrows still have some irritation or sensitivity it’s a good idea to allow more time for the eyebrows and skin to heal fully.

We suggest if that’s the case for you to allow for an additional week for a total of 2 weeks, to give the skin plenty of time to heal and return to normal.

Related Questions

Does a Spray Tan Affect Microblading?

Once the microblading has completely healed it should not be affected by any spray tanning. Though during the initial healing phase, you should avoid spray tanning as it may affect or even tarnish your results.

Can You Get a Spray Tan After Microneedling?

Like microblading it’s recommended to avoid any spray tanning for at least 1 week after a microneedling session. This helps reduce any chance of skin irritation when you do get your spray tan.

How Do You Protect Microblading in a Tanning Bed?

Once you have had your microblading procedure and have allowed time for it to heal you can use a tanning bed.

Though it’s recommended you apply a strong SPF 30+ cream to your eyebrows area 15 minutes before starting the tanning bed session.

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