What is a Tanning Bed Canopy?

tanning bed canopy

More and more people are tired of visiting a salon to use sunbeds and are looking into options for tanning at home. So, what is a tanning bed canopy?

A canopy tanning bed, sometimes called a half tanning bed, is a canopy made up of tanning bulbs to place over your body, as opposed to a traditional sunbed which requires you to stand or lie inside it. Canopy tanning beds are smaller, more lightweight, and cheaper than traditional tanning beds. This makes them a good choice if you are looking to invest in tanning at home.

This article will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a canopy, compared to a regular tanning bed.

How Do You Use a Canopy Sunbed?

Canopy sunbeds are a single awning of tanning bulbs, so there are no doors too close over your body to use them. You can stand or lie down and simply place the canopy above you.

Because they are a single sheet, you will need to move around to get an even coverage. Most people choose to do ‘half and half’ – the front side of their body and then the back. Some people spend time on each side as well.

Canopy tanning beds come in low, medium, or high pressure, which relates to the strength of the bulbs. If you want a soft and natural looking tan, or if you burn easily, choose a low or medium pressure bed. If you want a deep, long-lasting tan, opt for a high-pressure bed.

You can use any tanning oils and lotions that you would use with a regular sunbed to achieve the tan you desire.

Goggles are essential, just like with a regular tanning bed, to protect your eyes.

Advantages of Using a Canopy Tanning Bed

More Portable

Canopies are also known as portable tanning beds. Because they are a single awning of bulbs, they are much smaller and lighter than a regular tanning bed. This means they are much easier to move between rooms of the house, or between houses.

The smaller size also makes canopy sunbeds easier to store in the home. A regular sunbed will need a specific (and rather large) space in your house, because they are too heavy to move, and will take up some serious space. A canopy tanning bed can be quite easily tucked away behind a wardrobe.

I often get asked, how much does a canopy tanning bed weigh? On average, canopy sunbeds are around 100 pounds. In comparison to a regular sunbed which often weighs over 1000 pounds, a canopy will be much easier to move around.

If you don’t have a lot of space at home, or if you travel a lot, a canopy tanning bed could be a great option for you.

More Affordable

A regular tanning bed is going to be a large investment, which is why most people choose to visit a tanning salon to use the beds. For more information on tanning beds cost – how much are tanning beds.

Canopy tanning beds, on the other hand, are much more affordable as a home investment, making tanning at home more conceivable!

All Body Friendly

Because canopy tanning beds do not need to close, they are easy to use for people of all shapes and sizes. Using a canopy is all about finding the right position for you and your body, rather than squeezing into the size that the sunbed company made the bed.

They are also much easier to use for people who suffer from claustrophobia, as you do not need to be shut in a small space.

Disadvantages of Using a Canopy Tanning Bed


A sun bed canopy can only cover one half of your body at a time. This means it will take twice as long (or four times as long if you choose to focus on your sides, too) to achieve the tan.


Canopy sunbeds use the same technology as regular sunbeds to give you a tan. Concentrated UV light from the bulbs will pose the same risks as regular sunbeds as a tanning method.

Make sure to do your research about the potential risks of using sunbeds, and to protect your skin and your eyes if you do choose to use a canopy tanning bed. An obvious alternative if you are not comfortable with this risk is to use a spray tan, for a comparison on the two check here – spray tan vs tanning bed.

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