How to Learn Spray Tanning from Home and Professionally

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Spray tanning has become a popular way to achieve a sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin from UV rays. It’s also a great way to start a career in the beauty industry, as spray tanning services are in high demand. 

But how do you learn how to spray tan, and what equipment and training do you need? In this article, we’ll explore how to learn spray tanning from home and professionally using expert techniques.


Before you start spray tanning, you need to have the right equipment. This includes a spray tan machine, a tent or a booth, a tanning solution, and protective gear. 

You should choose equipment that suits your needs and budget, and consider factors such as portability, durability, and ease of use. Some reputable brands and products to consider include MaxiMist, Norvell, and Fuji. It’s also important to maintain and clean your equipment properly to ensure its longevity and performance.


If you’re serious about spray tanning, it’s essential to undergo training to learn the proper techniques and safety protocols. You can find reputable and accredited spray tanning courses online or in-person, such as those offered by the National Tanning Training Institute.

These courses cover theory, practice, health and safety, customer service, and business skills, and can range from a few hours to several days. Completing a course and obtaining a certificate or a license can boost your credibility and customer confidence.


Preparing the skin and the environment for spray tanning is critical to achieving a flawless and long-lasting result. 

Before spray tanning, you should exfoliate, moisturize, and shave your skin to ensure its smooth and free of dead skin cells. You should also protect your hair, nails, and clothes from staining by using a hair net, nail polish, and dark clothing

Setting up the tent or booth and ventilating the room is also crucial to avoid inhaling the spray tan mist. Finally, you should consult with the client and choose the right shade and formula for their skin type and preference.


The application of the spray tan solution requires skill and practice to achieve an even and natural-looking tan. Holding the spray tan machine correctly, adjusting the settings, and spraying evenly are some of the key techniques to master. 

Covering all the body parts, including the face, neck, hands, and feet, requires attention to detail and precision. Avoiding streaks, patches, and drips is crucial to achieving a professional result. 

Finally, handling different scenarios, such as pregnant clients, sensitive skin, or allergies, requires knowledge and communication skills.


Caring for the spray tan after application is essential to maintaining its quality and longevity. 

Drying, rinsing, and moisturizing the skin properly is crucial to avoid fading or peeling. Extending the life of the spray tan by avoiding hot showers, sweating, or chlorinated water can also help. 

Fixing any mistakes or issues that may arise, such as uneven fading or color, requires patience and skill. Finally, following up with the client and ensuring their satisfaction can lead to repeat business and referrals.


Spray tanning can be a rewarding and lucrative career or a convenient and cost-effective way to achieve a sun-kissed glow. 

By learning how to spray tan from home and professionally using expert techniques, you can enhance your skills and confidence and provide excellent service to your clients. Remember to choose the right equipment, undergo proper training, prepare the skin and environment, apply the spray tan solution correctly, and care for the spray tan after application. 

With practice and dedication, you can become a successful spray tanner and help others feel confident and beautiful.

Important Related Questions

What qualifications do you need to do spray tans?

In most states, you don’t need a license or a certification to do spray tans. However, obtaining a certificate or a license can boost your credibility and customer confidence, especially if you plan to start a business or work for a salon. 

Completing a spray tanning course online or in-person can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to spray tan professionally.

Is it hard to learn how do you spray tan?

Spray tanning requires practice and patience to master, but it’s not difficult to learn with the right equipment and training.

Following the proper techniques and safety protocols can help you achieve a flawless and natural-looking tan.

How do I grow my spray tan business?

Growing your spray tan business requires a combination of marketing, networking, and customer service skills. You can advertise your services on social media, create a website, offer discounts or referral programs, and collaborate with other businesses. 

Building relationships with your clients, providing excellent service, and addressing their needs and concerns can also help you retain customers and attract new ones.

How do you spray tan for the first time?

If you’re spray tanning for the first time, it’s essential to prepare your skin and environment properly, choose the right shade and formula, and follow the proper techniques and safety protocols. 

You can practice on a friend or a mannequin before spray tanning a client and seek feedback and advice from experienced spray tanners.

Do spray tanners make good money?

Spray tanners can make good money, depending on their skills, experience, and location. 

The average hourly rate for a spray tan technician is around $20, but some can charge up to $100 per session. 

Starting a spray tanning business can also provide a good income potential if you have the right marketing and management skills. 

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