Million Dollar Tan Review – Is It as Good as it Sounds?

million dollar tan review

If you been on the market for a self-tanner you might just have come across Million Dollar Tans offering. They have a handful of different self-tanners. Though arguably their most popular offering is their mousses.

We ordered in some Mermaid Mousse from Million Dollar Tan to give it a go and give our complete review, which will be cover in detail below.

Million Dollar Tan Review

This self-tanner from Million Dollar tan of course comes in the form of a mousse. We usually prefer mousses for self-tanning because they are lighter and spread more smoothly and evenly than their lotion counterparts.

This mousse is no different and is as easy to apply as ever. I find that you don’t need too much of the mousse to cover yourself completely too, which should result in the bottle lasting a bit longer.

When it comes to application for this self-tanner we suggest going for a shower before applying. This helps clean the skin of any dead skin cells and dirt.

It also leaves the skin more dry which makes the application much more smooth and the self-tanner absorbs much better that way.

Once you have had your shower dry yourself off and allow about 5-10 extra minutes to air dry. Then you can apply the mousse, this will be the best time to do it. Keep in mind once the self-tanner is applied you should wait at least 8 hours before showering again to allow the tan to develop completely.

If you are wondering how long this tan will last you can expect around 5-7 days’ time. If you shower more often this will likely make it fade more quickly. If you keep your skin moisturized this can help the tan last longer though. When the skin is more hydrated it won’t shed quite as often which usually allows for a longer lasting tan.

With some self-tanners you might get a hint of orange to the tan but not with this one. It’s a more natural looking golden color which I absolutely love.

When it comes to the smell this mousse has a mild coconut smell too it. It’s not like some other self-tanners where the smell can get quite strong. I’d say it’s a bit better than average when it comes to the smell but there are a few people who don’t like it.

While looking at the bottle there is a nice selection of natural ingredients including things such as aloe and jojoba oil. Both of which are excellent at keeping the skin moist and hydrated. The overall makeup of the mixture is quite good but it’s not the best out there by any means.

On a final note, the price is somewhat average or a bit more for a self-tanning mouse. You get what you might expect for the price. A good quality self-tanning mousse at a reasonable price point. While this is not the best self-tanner I’d expect most people to be satisfied with it and the great result.

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth application
  • Keep skins well hydrated
  • Good mixture of ingredients
  • Lovely golden color
  • Smell not to everyone’s liking


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