Versa vs Mystic Spray Tanning Booth Comparison

If you are considering going for a spray tan you will likely have come across the spray tan machines both VersaSpa and Mystic. These are these 2 of the most common and popular kinds of spray tanning machines on the market. But which is better, or which works best for you?

On an overall basis VersaSpra tanning booths are a level above compared with Mystic ones. So, they are generally considered a bit better. While they tend to cost a little extra they seem to offer a bit of a smoother and more even tan.

Below we will cover all the differences on the 2 and which you might want to try out yourself.

Versa Spa vs Mystic Tan

The first and most common question here is versa or mystic tan better? Well, both offer a good experience overall and a smooth tan though there are a few important differences that should be considered. Though typically between the 2 Versa is often considered a bit better.

The first difference between the 2 is of course price. Versa tend to be a little more expensive than Mystic though it’s not usually a big difference in cost.

If you prefer a little more of an orange hue to your tan Mystic is your best bet. Some people don’t want or like any orange hue and sometimes this has lead to people not being happy with the results on the Mystic. While this isn’t common it does happen occasionally.

If you prefer a more natural pinkish hue go for Versa. Both options tans will last a similar amount of time though.

Some people prefer Mystic because of the way their booth closes completely. This makes the booth warmer when tanning and the spray tanning experience a bit more comfortable.

Another important difference between the 2 is the time each takes. The VersaSpa takes a bit longer than the Mystic. So, if you are in a hurry the Mystic would be the best choice. Also, if you are a beginner the Mystic might just be the best option because it’s done nice and quickly.

When using both booths you have a selection of positions you can stand in. The Versa offers 4 options whereas the Mystic only offers 2.

A final but important difference to mention is the solutions offered. The standard Mystic solution is clear meaning that is has no bronzer in the mixture. You can have the tanning salon add bronzer to the mixture if you like but that usually adds extra to the total cost.

The difference here with Versa is that you can choose what you want. You can have a mixture with or without bronzer depending on your own preference and the important thing with Versa is that there is no added cost with it unlike the Mystic booth.

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Related Questions

How Long Does VersaSpra Spray Tan Last?

You can expect the VersaSpa tan to last around 5-7 days’ time.

Does VersaSpa Turn Me Orange?

Versaspa tans are considered a more pinkish and natural looking tan so any orange tan with a versa is quite rare.

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