VersaSpa VS VersaPRO – What’s the Difference?


Now that the VersaPRO is everywhere, you may be wondering if it is the better choice for your tanning needs after all.

The PRO doesn’t have many differences with its counterpart, although those few differences do count for quite a lot.

To see what we’re dealing with, let’s first go over what features they both have, before assessing the Versa Spa VS VersaPRO differences. 

Similarities Between the VersaSpa & VersaPRO

Both use a bag-in-box formula which is odorless and has natural, eco-certified, and organic ingredients and it has a smart container system.

The solution contains marine algae which helps detoxify, hydrate, and form your skin in the process, and does not contain any parabens or gluten – keeping in mind those with sensitivities and allergies.

Both have a touch screen controller which is Wi-Fi-ready with cloud data storage and there are three fully automated HVLP spray nozzles that have height sensor technology.

The booths have an open-door ¾ enclosed experienced, maintaining the perfect balance between privacy and not feeling closed in, and an auto wash-down system.

Additionally, all positions are voice-guided, so there’s absolutely nothing to stress about – just don’t forget to wear the right clothes or even go naked.

Moreover, these booths are heated which really helps with feeling more comfortable.

The Differences

When it comes to VersaSpa VS VersaPRO, one main difference is the option to focus on specific areas of the body. You can be more selective and choose to tan your whole body or just your face or legs. Alternatively, you can choose to tan one area of your body a darker shade than the rest.

Such features make tanning much more customizable and personalized, which is fantastic. It is a common problem for many tanners that their hands and feet often come out darker than the rest.

Plus, the heater seems to have been dramatically improved in the PRO. For these reasons, the PRO has over taken and is ultimately the better choice.

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Related Questions

How Long Does VersaSpa Tan Last?

Like any sunless tanning, a VersaSpa spray tan can last 5-7 days, depending on your skin tone and what you do to maintain it.

Which Spray Tan Booth is Best?

The VersaPRO is a good improvement from the VersaSpa solely due to its additional feature of being able to focus on certain areas of the body. It is now possible to only tan your face or legs, or to tan your hands and feet a lighter shade. Such versatility makes tanning easier than before.

What Spray Tan Do Celebrities Use?

It is said that a number of celebrities, such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Sofia Vergara, and Lily Aldridge use Vita Liberata spray tans – a non-toxic, no chemical tanning spray.

Does VersaSpa Turn Orange?

No, it doesn’t make you orange, the advanced technology used in the sunless tanning solution is designed to provide a bronze and natural-looking tan. VersaSpa contain natural ingredients such as DHA, glycerin, aloe leaf juice, and sorbitol, so it’s not possible for anything to turn orange.

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