How to Use a Stand Up Tanning Bed

standing tanning bed

A majority of people opt for tanning beds for the sheer convenience and exceptional results they can offer. But, not everyone can lie down in a tanning bed for a variety of reasons ranging from back pain to claustrophobia. This is when a standing tanning bed comes as a great alternative for such tanning enthusiasts.

Are you planning to try it? And do you wonder how to use a stand up tanning bed? Well, it is similar to a regular tanning bed, but there are a few tips that will help you make the most of your time in a stand-up bed.

Keep reading to know everything about using a standing tanning bed to get a flawless and smooth tan.   

What Is a Standing Tanning Bed?

A tanning bed, also called a sunbed, is equipment fitted with bulbs used for indoor tanning. The bulbs or lamps emit artificial Ultraviolet (UV) radiation that penetrates deep into your skin.

The radiation can interact with the cells called melanocytes present at the deepest layer of the skin to trigger the production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical responsible for determining the shade of your skin. The more the presence of melanin, the darker your skin will be.

While you have to lie down in the most common tanning beds, now standing up tanning beds are becoming more prevalent. You can simply stand in the booth and expose your skin to the light from the tanning bed.   

Why Use a Standing Tanning Bed?

There are many benefits to using a tanning bed which we we cover below:

·       Your entire body gets exposed simultaneously, providing even coverage.

·       It uses 160-watt bulbs compared to 100-watt bulbs in traditional beds to help you tan in less time.

·       Ideal for claustrophobic users.

·       Since there is no touching, it is more hygienic and safe to use. There is no threat of rashes from tanning beds.

·       Reduces the chances of missed areas, patches, or creases in your tan.

·       No need to turn and toss to get an even tan. 

girl in stand up tanning bed

How to Use a Standing Tanning Bed?

If you’re going to use it the first time and wonder how to stand in a tanning booth, here are a few essential things to keep in mind:

Wear Protective Gear:

Like you use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare while stepping out, you will need to cover your eyes completely while using a tanning bed. You must either take your own goggles or ask the tanning salon to provide you with one while stepping into the standing tanning bed. Make sure you don’t expose your eyes to the radiation from the bed. 

Set the Timer:

One of the most important stand up tanning bed tips is that you must determine the right time you need to stay in it for the desired tan. The time can depend on your skin type, the base tan, and the skin tone you wish to achieve.

Since the radiation emitted by tanning beds is quite strong, it is wise to start with less time to prevent the chances of skin damage and tanning bed burns. It will help your skin get accustomed to the radiation and build the capacity to tan. You can then decide on gradually increasing the time you spend in the tanning bed. 

Stand in the Center of the Booth:

If you want to achieve a smooth and even tan from a standing tanning bed, it is vital to stand in the middle of the booth. Position yourself right in the middle of it and stand with your legs wide apart to get the best effect. 

Raise Your Arms:

When you use a standard tanning bed and lie down in it, you might end up with white lines on your torso. Getting a streak-free and even tan can become much easier with a stand-up tanning bed. You can lift your arms or even hold the bars on the ceiling or sides of the tanning booth to get some support.

It offers more mobility to ensure you can even move around to get a smooth tan even on your underarms. You can keep moving your arms up and down to achieve the desired results.  

Time Your Sessions:

After you have finished the stand up tan, your skin will need time to recover and regenerate. If you’re planning on going for another session to achieve a darker tan, it is wise to wait for 36-48 hours. It will reduce the chances of overexposure and the risk of permanent skin damage.

To develop a base tan, you can schedule 3-5 tanning sessions over 1-2 weeks. Post that, you can maintain it by going for a tanning session twice a week. If you’re a regular tanner, you might even consider getting a tanning bed, and also make sure you consider the cost of the beds.  For more on tanning bed time check our article – tanning bed time chart.

Dress Appropriately:

In case you are using a tanning bed for the first time, it is natural to wonder how to dress appropriately for it. A majority of tanning salons offer complete privacy for you to tan with comfort.

It’s best to wear less clothes to ensure there are no tan lines. You can even opt for a swimsuit or even go tanning nude; however, don’t forget to cover the sensitive areas to avoid getting burnt if required. For more on this check our article – what to wear in a tanning bed.

What Tips to Keep In Mind Before and After Tanning?

In order to get the desired results from your tanning session in the standing bed, you must prepare your skin for each session and perform aftercare. Follow these tips to make the tanning session a success:

Exfoliate Your Skin:

The key to an even tan lies in how well you prepare your skin for it. You must exfoliate your skin properly before a tanning appointment. Use a gentle scrub to remove the dead cells from the top layer and give you smooth and glowing skin.

It will ensure you can achieve an even tan without any patches or streaks. Make sure you exfoliate 24 hours prior to the appointment to give your skin enough time to settle. For more on exfoliating – how to exfoliate before a spray tan.

Use Moisturizer:

Dry skin is harder to tan, which is why you might find it difficult to get a tan on ankles or elbows. It is vital to keep your skin nourished by using an organic moisturizer and avoiding flaky skin. Get a natural moisturizer that is free of oil and artificial ingredients.

We Recommend: Ancient Greeks Organic Moisturizer 

Avoid Using Deodorant or Makeup:

When getting ready for the tanning appointment, it is wise to go bare skin. Take a shower and skip using any products like deodorant, makeup, or cream. You can apply a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from turning dark.   

We Recommend: Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm

Apply Tanning Lotion:

If you wish to get a darker tan in less time, you can use a quality lotion before tanning bed. Apply a generous amount of tanning lotion on your skin in a circular motion while going for the tanning appointment for deeper and dark results.   

Stay Hydrated:

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated both before and after the session in a standing tanning bed. It will keep your skin healthy and help maintain the golden glow.  

Related Questions:

How Long Should I Tan in a Stand-Up Bed?

The time you must spend in a stand-up bed can depend on a number of factors. You can decide the time on the basis of your skin type and the level of tan you wish to achieve. Ideally, you must spend 10-15 minutes and not more than that. 

What To Wear in a Stand-Up Tanning Bed?

You can choose to tan in a stand-up bed while wearing a swimsuit or only underwear. It is wise to wear fewer clothes to prevent any tan lines, and you might even go nude. There is complete privacy, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Does a Stand-Up Tanning Bed Work Better?

Most people wonder is a stand up tanning bed better? Yes, it can be because stand-up tanning beds have bulbs with higher intensity of UV radiation. They can increase melanin production in less time which should give you better results. 

How Do You Cover Your Face in a Stand-Up Tanning Bed?

It is vital to protect your face from skin damage while using a tanning bed. You must wear goggles to cover your eyes, apply a lip balm with SPF, or even use sunscreen on your face. Check our article for more info on that – can you wear sunscreen in a tanning bed.

Don’t forget to check out our article comparing stand up tanning beds with regular tanning beds here.

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