Why is Tanning Lotion So Expensive?

tanning lotion expensive

If you have been looking on the market for a tanning lotion you might have noticed they can be quite expensive even when compared with self-tanners for example.

The reason why tanning lotion is so expensive is because of high quality ingredients that are often naturally derived from plants/fruits etc. Also, research done by these companies to find the best ingredients to hydrate and moisturize your skin effectively along with improving the tanning effect takes quite a lot of time and expertise so some of the cost is added because of that.

Below we will go into why tanning lotion is expensive and alternatives that you might want to try instead.

Why is Tanning Lotion so Expensive?

Here we want to break down each of the different reasons why tanning lotion can be quite expensive to give you an idea why it’s so costly.

Quality Ingredients

Probably the thing that influences the cost of the tanning lotions most is ingredients. Often tanning lotions are made up of a lot of high-quality ingredients.

A lot of these ingredients are hard to extract which also brings up the cost of the lotion. Certain ingredients are included which help with things like deep moisturization and anti-aging which you usually won’t find in subpar products.


Probably one of the things that mightn’t come straight to your mind is the research.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get the right blend of ingredients to not only allow you to tan more effectively but also properly hydrate and moisturize your skin properly.

Each of the ingredients included are there for a reason and these companies have worked to get the perfect balance.


A lot of outdoor tanning lotions are packaged in a unique glass bottle. These kinds of bottles are a lot better quality than your average bottle that you might have gotten with other beauty products such as regular self-tanners or sunscreen.  

A common size of these bottles is 13.5 oz so even one bottle can end up lasting you for quite a long time even if you use it quite regularly.

Cheap Tanning Lotion Alternatives

If you don’t want to shell out the bigger cost for one of those more expensive tanning lotions what we actually recommend is to use a natural tanning lotion instead which usually works out much cheaper.

For example, coconut oil is an excellent choice that speeds up the tanning process and hydrates the skin effectively. Olive oil is again another great choice that is hydrating and really helps intensify your tanning session. For more information on this check our articles – coconut oil for tanning & olive oil for tanning.

On top of using 1 oil, you can mix a couple or a handful of different oils to make up your own natural tanning lotion. For more on how to do this check our article – at home tanning oil.

Related Questions

Are Tanning Lotions Worth It?

While this question could be answered different for each person we believe that yes they are worth it. Because of the quality ingredients that are included and ingredients that really are tailored for the best tanning and moisturizing effect possible.

How Expensive is Tanning Lotion?

The typical cost of tanning lotion could range from $10 to $40. The average cost is at around $25.

Do Tanning Lotions Do Anything?

Yes, they hydrate the skin well and help attract more light to the skin which in turn speeds up the tanning process.

Some also have other effects like increasing melanin production like tingle tanning lotions and also added benefits like anti-aging effects.

What’s the Most Expensive Tanning Lotion?

One of the most expensive lotions is from Millennium called Solid Black.

What is The Difference Between Tanning Bed Lotion and Regular Lotion?

It’s hard to answer this in a certain way because different brands are made up differently. But typically, they are made up quite similarly though occasionally in regular lotion you have added sunscreen which you usually don’t have with tanning bed lotion.

What Can I Use Instead of Tanning Lotion?

The best alternatives to tanning lotions are something like coconut oil which is great for the skin and helps speed up the tanning process.

Don’t forget to check out our articles covering the best outdoor tanning lotions, best tanning bed lotions & best tanning lotion for men.

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