Do Tanning Beds Make You Orange?

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As summer approaches, many of us crave a sun-kissed glow. However, not everyone has the time or the patience to get a natural tan. That’s where tanning beds come in.

But with all the horror stories about tanning beds turning people orange, it’s no wonder people are hesitant to try them. So, do tanning beds really make you orange?

No, tanning beds should never make you orange but there may be a few reasons your skin might have turned orange after using a tanning bed. Below we will break it all down.

Skin Type

First of all, it’s important to understand that different skin types react differently to UV exposure. The Fitzpatrick scale is a system that classifies skin types based on their response to sun exposure.

Skin types range from Type I (very fair skin that burns easily and never tans) to Type VI (very dark skin that never burns and always tans). This means that different skin types can achieve different shades of tan, from light golden to dark brown. 

However, no skin type will turn orange from tanning beds, unless there is an external factor involved.

Tanning Lotion

Another factor that can influence the color of your tan is the type of tanning lotion you use. Tanning lotions can enhance your tan by moisturizing your skin, stimulating melanin production, and providing UV protection.

There are different types of tanning lotions, such as accelerators, bronzers, and tinglers. Some tanning lotions can contain artificial colorants or additives that can stain your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Choosing the right tanning lotion for your skin type and preference can prevent any unwanted orange tones. But not all tanning lotions are perfect, and some may even cause your skin to turn to an orange color.

Frequency and Duration of Sessions

The frequency and duration of your tanning sessions can also affect the intensity and longevity of your tan. It’s recommended to start with short sessions, increase gradually, and take breaks between sessions.

Overexposure to UV rays can damage your skin cells, cause premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Moderation is key to achieving a natural-looking tan without harming your health or appearance.

The longer your tan session the more likely you may notice an orange hue to your skin.

Quality of Tanning Bed

Lastly, the quality of the tanning bed can influence the outcome of your tan. There are different types of tanning beds, such as low-pressure, high-pressure, stand-up, and hybrid.

Some tanning beds can emit more UVA or UVB rays than others, which can affect the depth and tone of your tan. Choosing a reputable salon with well-maintained and certified tanning beds can ensure a safe and satisfying tanning experience.


In conclusion, tanning beds do not make you orange. However, there are several factors that can influence the color of your tan, such as your skin type, the type of tanning lotion you use, the frequency and duration of your sessions, and the quality of the tanning bed. By taking these factors into consideration and following safe tanning practices, you can achieve a natural-looking and healthy tan.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tan Without Turning Orange?

To tan without turning orange, choose a tanning lotion that matches your skin type and preference, start with short sessions, and take breaks between sessions.

Exfoliating your skin before tanning can also help to achieve a more even and natural-looking tan.

Is A Sunbed Worse Than Sunbathing?

Both sunbeds and sunbathing can be harmful if not done in moderation. Overexposure to UV radiation can damage your skin cells, cause premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

It’s important to follow safe tanning practices and protect your skin from UV rays.

Do Tanning Beds Make You Permanently Tan? 

No, tanning beds do not make you permanently tan. The color of your tan will fade over time as your skin cells naturally shed. However, with regular tanning sessions and proper maintenance, you can maintain a healthy and natural-looking tan.

How Many Sunbeds a Week Is Safe?

The recommended number of tanning sessions per week varies depending on your skin type and the intensity of the tanning bed. It’s best to consult with a tanning professional and follow safe tanning practices to avoid overexposure to UV radiation. Though generally speaking 2-3 sessions a week is a good amount to build up a base tan

Do Sunbed Tans Look Natural?

Yes, sunbed tans can look natural if done properly. By choosing the right tanning lotion, following safe tanning practices, and maintaining your tan with moisturizing and exfoliating, you can achieve a healthy and natural-looking glow.

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